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Where do I get one

Journalism: Pistol that holds 200 rounds

3 Responses to “Where do I get one”

  1. Kapikui Says:

    It seems like that would be a bit heavy and hard to aim.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    Well, I mean, it’s not *impossible* to manage.

    Airsofts can have 200 round magazines!

    And more seriously, there are 200 round AK mags and AK pistols; it’s *stupid* and the sort of thing I’d prefer a mass-murderer have (because of the unwieldy, jam-prone nature of such things), but …

    (I mean, obviously a serious guy would have had a belt-fed HK51, right?)

  3. JNorth Says:

    Double magazine conversion for a Calico .22?