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Once again

Cody Wilson politely tells someone “because fuck you that’s why“:

“This judge’s order, stopping us from simply giving things away, was only an authorization that we could sell it, that we could mail it, that we could email it, that we could provide it by secure transfer. I will be doing all of those things, now,” announced Wilson.

I like this guy.

One Response to “Once again”

  1. mikee Says:

    “The court finds that the irreparable burdens on the private defendants’ First Amendment rights are dwarfed by the irreparable harms the states are likely to suffer if the existing restrictions are withdrawn…”

    Silly me, I thought that the whole point of individual rights enumerated in the Constitution was to settle who wins in such situations, and that it was the individual. Now I understand that if states suffer harm from individual rights, those rights are ripe for infringement.

    I look forward to this novel theory being applied to other parts of the US Constitution. I’ve got a couple of empty bedrooms since the kids grew up and moved out, maybe I’m ripe for a 3rd Amendment infringement.