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Like that time I accidentally stabbed myself 37 times

News Channel 9:

According to police, an officer then accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun three times.

I know that stress, tunnel vision, and adrenaline are very real things in these types of scenarios but I have my doubts.

2 Responses to “Like that time I accidentally stabbed myself 37 times”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Hmm, yeah, I’d have to see the gun camera film on that one.

    In general though; you have some guy acting crazy and waiving a gun around, and then he fires it? Yeah, actually I could, maybe, understand ventilating him for that and then sorting it our later. I wouldn’t then call it an accident though.

    Or did the cop just piss his pants and start yanking the trigger at the sound of a loud noise? That’s kinda splitting hairs, I understand, but there is a difference. On one hand the cop has mentally put himself in control of his actions and in the other he’s mentally put the crazy guy at the top of the chain of command, as it were. Aren’t cops supposed to be “trained” for stuff like that?

  2. Paul Says:

    There is an update on the story..

    “The attorney of a Chattanooga police officer says her client intentionally shot a man who had just committed suicide – directly contradicting a previous police report claiming it was an accident.”

    So it was a mercy killing?

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