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We’re number 7!

States ranked by the amount of freedom they have. Now, overlay that with a red/blue election map . . .

5 Responses to “We’re number 7!”

  1. Fred Says:

    In my mind I overlay’d it with the Gun Rights map and decided that in Colorado and Florida their other rights will start slipping away pretty fast following their recent anti gun shift.

  2. JTC Says:

    And we’re Number One!?

    Must be like that red/blue overlay you mention where things look a LOT different on a county breakdown. Pretty accurate rating here in the fla heartland, but get down around Palm Beach County and points south and it doesn’t feel too free.

    But okay…
    Florida, The Freedom State. Nice new motto.
    Pretty sick of this “Sunshine” shit right about now.

    BTW, “The Free State” is one of Maryland’s official nicknames. Might have been true once…but it’s #45 on this list. Heh.

  3. Mike Voncannon Says:

    If you read the synopsis on Tennessee, we used to be #2…

  4. Billll Says:

    CO is #4, also known as East California and former home of Magpul which it drove out to Texas. Live in CO? Got an idea? First move to Texas.

  5. JTC Says:

    That #1 Floriduh ranking may be in serious jeopardy…


    This right here will be a death match…and a portent in microcosm of 2020.

    Over the last months we Floridiots have been bombarded with ads for governor wannabe polar opposites. On the D side two South FL jews, one a billionaire Palm Beach who said with narrow threatening eyes he is Trump’s worst nightmare, the other the former mayor of Miami Beach, both banning guns, free medicare and a “living wage” for all, open immigration, and how they would fix the damage done by DT and parroting everything nasty the prog media machine has spouted about him. There is also the slightly more centrist daughter of former gov Bob Graham, now a rep, with her woman’s touch shown hugging all the OTW’s and pushing her “education’ agenda…all three of them openly expressing hatred for Trumpism and Deplorables.

    On the R side there is Adam Putnam, a local third generation farmer and the current commisioner of ag who made no bones about loving Trump and all of his agenda, even going beyond that on things like 2A…I’ve watched and liked him for many years, he was the frontrunner and probably my choice. The other contender is a current rep and all about conservative family values, also openly virtually hugging DT, but not a guy I had really heard of before.

    And you know what happened? Mainstream extrmism was not extreme enough in this bizarro world, so an endorsement by Trump of the second conservative Desantis sprung him to a win…I read the wiki above and I like everything there, so I don’t know that it’s a bad thing, just that there’s a lack of name recognition etc. Then like a bolt of lightning a young black dude who is mayor of Tallahassee (the DC of FL, a cesspool of leftism surrounded by some of the most conservative Southern real estate you will find)…got the endorsement of Bernie Sanders, and won! He’s being likened to that Muz womany that surprised all with a win in NY…from what I have learned about him I would call him Flobama…a pretty and charismatic young non-white with a silver tongue and some of the most radical leftist blather you will ever hear from the mouth of a purported American.

    Neither of these nominees have yet turned 40 and one or the other of them will provide a crystal ball into the general election as I said above.

    This will be a bloody battle to the death of either everything conservative and American or a slapdown of this crazy communism and anti-Americanism movement.

    It’s going to be good…but scary. And it’s on my doorstep, soon to be on yours.