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SAF suing again

This time, it’s over a town using zoning restrictions to put a range out of business. These used to happen regularly but this is the first a I recall in a while. There’s a range somewhere. Somebody builds a subdivision or business park near it. People move in and then complain about the range they built themselves around.

3 Responses to “SAF suing again”

  1. JK Brown Says:

    To be fair, they did the same thing to Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. People moved into suburb built around a facility for military jets and then complained about the noise of jets taking off.

  2. mikee Says:

    There was an outdoor range east of Austin, on Hwy 290, that had low, inadequate, dirt berms and a growing number of subdivisions just downrange of it.

    While the closing may have been due to the suburbs encroaching on the range, it may also have been due to the lax range discipline allowed at the location. It was the only range I have ever left due to other shooters’ misbehavior. Handing a semiauto AK to a newbie and laughing when he sprays shots all over the place, including 5 feet in front of the firing line, was not something I wanted to be around.

    And of course, there is the new place in town, The Range At Austin, which is a duded up shooting facility for those who don’t want to mix with the less financially endowed. Making the use of firearms more and more expensive is another form of gun control, after all.

  3. B Dubya Says:

    Yesterday, it was people building near pig farms in the country and then being offended that pig crap smells pretty bad in the summer (and fall, and spring). Today its shooting ranges scaring the suburban sheeple.

    If only there was something enshrined in the constitution regarding property rights….

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