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The WaPo:

And as youve probably heard by now, we know that immigrants in general, and undocumented immigrants in particular, commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans do.


Several tomes worth of research have failed to turn up even tepid evidence that an immigrant of any legal status is more likely to commit a crime than a native-born citizen. In fact, in most cases, what data exists suggests just the opposite.

Of course, native born Americans commit more crime. There’s more of them. And, of course, 100% of illegal aliens have committed at least one crime.


3 Responses to ““journalism””

  1. bluescare Says:

    Love your blog, but this is a misinformed take. Immigrants commit fewer crimes (other than illegal immigration) PER CAPITA.

  2. Jai Says:

    Obviously, itís per capita. Immigrants on average commit fewer crimes than natural born Americans:

    The data is out there and itís not very controversial.

    Crossing the border illegally is a crime, but most illegal immigrants overstay their visa. Thatís a civil violation, not a criminal one.

    I love your blog. Been reading it daily for years. Thank you.

  3. Robert Says:

    A vast amount of the crime in illegal immigrant communities goes unreported, which means stats are useless in this case.

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