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Well, yeah

CBS Minnesota:

Minnesota set a record last year for the number of gun background checks the FBI conducted in the state.

More people are carrying guns than ever before, but the crime rate remains relatively low.

Funny how that’s how it always works out.

4 Responses to “Well, yeah”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Funny how stories like that always use “but” or “in spite of” rather than the correct connecting word “therefore” or “for that reason”.
    Even people on our side make this mistake, which is quite unfortunate.

  2. Scott in AZ Says:

    I’m guess that may be spurred by large and growing demographic in the Twin Cities area that wasn’t there 20 years ago.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Fox Butterfield, is that you?

  4. ExpatNJ Says:

    Minnesota has an abundant, statistically-significant, over-representation of Islamic adherents, possibly more than in any other US state. According to various publicly-available sources (I leave it to the reader to search for them), this number includes full-Sharia-compliant communities, ‘No-Go-Zones’, and even alleged ‘Jihadist’ training schools.

    Q. So, does this story represent ‘arming-up’ by:
    a. NON-Islamic citizens who fear/suspect their Islamic neighbors of planning attacks against them; or,
    b. Islamic citizens possibly planning attacks against their NON-Islamic neighbors; or,
    c. Both? or,
    d. Something else? [your wisdom invited here]

    Oh, it’s the doorbell. Must be some 3-letter agency calling to inquire about my post …