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More like this please

Seen at Reason:

West Virginia’s House of Delegates has impeached all four of the state’s Supreme Court justices, who allegedly abused their authority and used taxpayer funds for personal gain.

An actual response to .gov corruption? I am shocked.

3 Responses to “More like this please”

  1. Lyle Says:

    But; their replacements will still be allowed to violate the constitution.

  2. Huck Says:

    High ranking Justices who abuse their authority is as common as dogshit in a kennel so that aint what got those lowlives in trouble. It was misusing the money. And their replacements will be as corrupt as they are.

    The Politicians in the house of Delegates are most likely pissed off because those Justices got their fingers in the till before the Politicians had a chance to.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    +1 Huck…

    Judges blew a bunch of taxpayer dollars? Legislators crying, “That’s our job!”

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