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SAF and NRA suing another city in Washington State

The Second Amendment Foundation:

Another Washington state city is now being sued by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifled Association for violating the states 35-year-old preemption statute by adopting a local gun control ordinance. They filed a similar lawsuit against the City of Seattle last month.

2 Responses to “SAF and NRA suing another city in Washington State”

  1. Jailer Says:

    And since none of these elected officials will ever be held accountable for their unlawful actions this sort of thing will never end. It’s a great end game on their part, just keep launching salvo after salvo until the good guys run out of money fighting them.

  2. hist_ed Says:

    This is just stupid city councilmen trying to score points. The (very liberal) state Supreme Court made it crystal clear in a previous case that state law does not allow localities to pass their own gun control laws.
    Now there is a statewide draconian gun control initiative that got enough signatures to make the ballot. Happily, the organizers really screwed up the process, so it will probably get trashed by the courts.

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