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This may be a big deal

If Kavanaugh is nominated:

Appeals Court Tees Up Interstate Handgun Sale Ban for Possible Supreme Court Review

3 Responses to “This may be a big deal”

  1. FiftycalTX Says:

    He has already been “nominated” by President Trump. The word you are looking for is “confirmed”.

  2. mikee Says:

    We got the interstate handgun sale ban over the still-warm corpse of Bobby Kennedy, if I recall. There was then and is now no reason for it, in terms of preventing crime, providing for public safety, or rationally forwarding any government interest other than infringing the 2nd Amendment. So it will be interesting to read the “reasoning” of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s clerks on this subject when it is decided. I predict the quartering of troops in private homes, prohibited in the 3rd Amendment, will be allowed before interstate handgun sales without an FFL.

  3. Fz Says:

    Mikee, I think that “interstate handgun sales without an FFL” was not the intent of the suit.

    The plaintiffs wanted to buy from an FFL in a different State.

    With the NICS check, there should not have been a problem. In fact, with the NICS check, Congress has ample justification to just change the law and allow it. But I kinda like the idea of a court saying that this is a law Congress may not pass nor the Executive enforce.