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Shotgun Noob: Sights

Shotgun Sights: Is the Bead Still the Best?

I put an old EOTech on mine. My theory being that, at some distance, the red circle may approximate the spread pattern. We’ll see.

7 Responses to “Shotgun Noob: Sights”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    I’m seeing more and more coming out with fiber optics as the “bead”.

  2. Remington 870 Shooter Says:

    Yes, many shooters use holographic sights for 3-gun, for example. I prefer light gathering sights on my shotgun, they are simple and inexpensive.

  3. Lyle Says:

    The 65 MOA circle (almost the height of the average man at 100 yards) is pretty big for the shot spread in most shooting scenarios, but it could in theory be used to help judge lead and drop in wing/sporting clays shooting.

    The EOTech is a great sight if you can tolerate the increased height. They’re da bomb on an AR, but can be extremely high on other platforms.

    A large-ish ghost ring at the back of the receiver, with a fiber-optic front bead would be pretty close to ideal. That or a very low-mounted Micro reflex optic.

    My Wap shotty has a red fiber-optic front with with green fiber-optic, two dot rear, presenting the classic three dot picture. It’s OK, even excellent for trukey, but not as fast in dynamic shooting (moving shooter/moving targets), IMO, as a ghost ring or a dot reflex, or even the single front bead & rib setup.

  4. Skip Says:

    I shoot trap a lot and don’t see anything but beads on ribs.

  5. mikee Says:

    Just because something worked for the past century and longer is no reason to avoid trying something newer to see if its better. That’s how we got CFL light bulbs, right?

  6. beatbox Says:

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

  7. Mike Voncannon Says:

    Youre probably right at around 10-15 yards. Id try zeroing the dot for slugs at 75 or 100 yds and see where that puts the POI for buckshot up close. For irons, Id go with ghost rings for self defense or bead for skeet

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