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More stellar performance from ATF

ATF Agent gets Probation for Sneaking into Female Restrooms to take Pictures

What’s with these guys?

4 Responses to “More stellar performance from ATF”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Certain positions, or titles, attract certain kinds of personalities.

    It is true that power corrupts, but it is also true that positions of power attract the already corrupt. Furthermore, there’s a threshold of corruption inside any institution that begins to repel the better people (we saw that happen repeatedly in the public school we attended when we were kids), and so you get a snowball effect.

    Still more; an institution develops a culture of its own, which lasts for generations and never seems to go away even as the people come and go. Therefore the only way to really change it is with a full purge (right down to the janitors and errand-boys) and re-start from scratch. Then you have maybe a few years before the deep rot starts taking over again.

    And all of that is assuming there’s a task for the arganization that’s worth performing. The problem with an anti-constitutional outfit like BATF is that its very foundation and mission is corrupt. It’s built-in. So yeah; duh.

  2. Huck Says:

    A future TSA employee.

  3. Ron W Says:

    There are NO enumerated delegated powers in the Constitution for the ATF, that is for the Federal Government re: alcohol, tobacco or firearms pertaining to the People.

  4. mikee Says:

    He was sneaking into the female bathrooms to take pictures of women using the toilet, an odd fetish, badly fulfilled, but less disturbing than if he’d been sneaking in there just to take pictures of the tiling and toilets, I guess. What a funny old world it would be were we all the same.

    That said, 14 minutes in a dormitory female restroom in Madison, WI, and no self-empowered strong female entered during that time? I’d expect a Trigglypuff or SJW or pink-haired sophomore to be able to shriek loudly enough at his presence to encourage his leaving. Perhaps all these stories we’ve heard about female empowerment aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

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