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Snopes again

They have a history of not telling the whole truth but this is ridiculous. They say that this sign is a mixture of true and false:

Granted, they say that the hole could be from putting the entire AR foregrip in the paper. But that is not the poster’s intention.

24 Responses to “Snopes again”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Well if they think the 223 is a mega-destructo-blaster, don’t tell them about the average hunting calibers, and subject yourself to torture and death before revealing such things as magnum big game calibers like those in the Weatherby lineup.

    You all know the game here though; once it is programmed into the minds of the goyum that a 22 caliber intermediate cartridge is a super-weapon among weapons of mass destruction (even worse then the atomic bomb because bullets have killed more people than atom bombs, don’t you know – it’s an indisputable fact) then the classic rifle calibers will be even more easily attacked. The 45-70 is a “military” cartridge too, for example. And don’t forget the soft lead bullets of 500-ish grains or more, propelled from a 58 caliber muzzleloader (even bigger than the DD limit of fifty caliber, so there’s a “loophole”) at supersonic speed, which can penetrate multiple horses, and an even larger number of sweet innocent children at the school playground, with a single shot– The founders could never have……oh wait…

  2. Huck Says:

    ROFLOL! Hell, my .45-70 Marlin 1895G with a 405 grain core-lokt bullet couldn’t come close to making a hole that big in ANYTHING. Same with my Model 1861 Colt Rifle Musket’s .58 500 grain Minie bullet. You couldn’t even put your little finger in a hole made by a 5.56 mm bullet.

    That “message” was addressed by idiots to other idiots who WANT to believe that bullshit.

  3. Kasper Says:

    That’s the AR-15 with the grenade launcher attachment…

  4. HL Says:

    A wise man once asked “What the fuck has ‘need’ got to do with anything?”

  5. Overload in CO Says:

    So, by this logic, throwing the gun at the paper will create the biggest hole. And given the paper is a person proxy, hurling your AR15 add a person will do the most damage.

  6. AR-15 Shooter Says:

    LOL, was it grenade launcher? 🙂

  7. Bruce Says:

    Why? Because fuck you. Need has nothing to do with it. Plus the poster maker is a moron.

  8. Drake Says:

    I was friends with a guy who owned a cannon for Revolutionary War reenactments. He’d fill half-gallon milk jugs with cement and fire them. That’s about the size of the hole they’d make.

  9. Ken in NH Says:


    Close. It is the AR-15 with the hole saw drill attachment. Useful for creating maximum gore and installing door locks.

  10. Kappa Says:

    My spud gun used to leave a hole like that. But I upgraded to pumpkin LR recently.

  11. dandydon Says:

    Good Lord! That hole is the size an 8 inch artillery shell would make punching through paper!

  12. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “The hole shown in the poster could plausibly represent the diameter of the highly destructive temporary cavity left in a person’s body by a high-velocity AR-15 round.”

    That’s the “TRUE” line. So now temporary cavities count as “holes”.

    Don’t let this idiot read some Hydra-Shock articles from the 90s!

  13. Lucusloc Says:

    So they are equating a gel test temporary stretch cavity with the size of the “hole”? That is probably the only way they get to that size “hole”(short of lying of course).

    Granted .223 wounds are bloody, gory messes, but the hole itself is like an icepick wound. It is all the damaged flesh around the hole that makes the wound so bad.

    But of course trying t o fit such nuanced topics as “hydro-static shock” and “stretch cavity” and “terminal ballistics” into a poster is just too much. This is why I despise “bumper sticker activism”, most topics have too much nuance to boil down to a sentence or so.

    So idiots like the one above oversimplify to the point of absurdity, preying on the ignorance of others to push an agenda that has no basis in reality.

  14. Lyle Says:

    Regarding the hole size; any hunter that’s used a high power rifle, say, impact velocity well above 2000, (308 Win, 270 Win or faster) with expanding bullets has seen exit wounds several inches across. I’ve seen it many times on deer, and one bear, from 270 Win and 280 Rem, modern expanding rounds at close range. Yes; only your pinky finger fits in the entry, but you could sometimes get your fist into the exit. 7mm Berger VLDs can do amazing damage. The 223 Rem varmint bullets can do some pretty serious damage too, well above the mere diameter of the bore. That’s what modern bullets do, for humane kills on varmints and game. So let’s not get all sarcastic over it.

    The best, most effective lies consist mostly of truth, and this case is a fair example of that.

    Yes; our weapons can make devastating shock wounds and can kill instantly. That’s been the case since the 1890s with the advent of what I’ll term expansively as the nitro express cartridges and rifles.

    If the leftists actually believed we were a danger, they’d be careful to avoid provoking us. Since they have no fear of provoking us in the most egregious ways, it proves that most of them see us as responsible, even docile, or as harmless pushovers. QED.

  15. mikee Says:

    Why need? To stop the person shot from doing whatever they were doing as quickly as possible. That is the point of self defense, right? What’s so hard to understand about this?

    If I had a sledgehammer and hit them in the head, the hole would be even bigger. Would the antigunners be happier about that, or angrier?

  16. Geoff Says:

    I can’t tell for sure, but that looks more like what a 40mm. grenade would do.

  17. Lyle Says:

    Also, there are AIR RIFLES in 45 caliber that run super sonic. People hunt big game with them, and they’re not even firearms.

    And; the Lewis and Clark expedition had at least one air rifle among them. 32 or 36 caliber, I believe. It’s not new technology, and furthermore an air gun only needs a supply of projectiles– No need for the commercial supply of powder or primers.

    Point being that unless you’re going to ban the possession of metals, we’ll always have access to guns that have plenty of killing power-at-a-distance.

  18. Silence DoGood Says:

    The whole question of “NEED” is a red herring because no one “NEEDS” anything except air, water, food and shelter. Everything else is a “WANT.” And no on has the “RIGHT” to tell me their “WANTS” are any more legitimate than mine are.

  19. JFT Says:

    I’m guessing that must be 5.56 INCH, not 5.56mm. Oh, if only. One can dream.

  20. Maxwell Says:

    “To answer the question, sport, it’s to maintain a decent range of safety between me and abject, immoral liars like you.”

  21. TS Says:

    And of course no where in the analysis does Snopes address whether or not this “hole” (which they say doesn’t have to actually be a hole), is worse than “holes” from other rifles- which is of course the intent of the poster. “We need to ban guns that cause damage like this”. If snopes weren’t biased, they’d have to point out how the damage is on the low end of rifle round damage, and not just compare it to handguns.

  22. Jay Dee Says:

    The sign is trolling for useful idiots who believe this agitative propaganda.

  23. Ron W Says:

    @Silence DoGood, yes!

    These proponents of authoritarian laws against gun owners and those who choose armed self defense, apparently have forgotten or don’t know that “what goes around, comes around”. When they think it’s a great thing that government violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights against others, they’ll be getting around to what ” you don’t need” eventually.

  24. JimB Says:

    Then again some day the people determining what you “need” may not be politically on your side.

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