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THE STAGES OF 1911 OWNERSHIP. I just put mine in the safe because I still like shooting it on occasion.

3 Responses to “Heh”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I’m close to that final stage with a Glock 20SF. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is the internet fact that no one else in the world has ever had a jam with a Glock, and Glock magazines are flawless, having been designed and built by genius angels, and, well, they “just work”….except for all of mine in my gun.

    And to answer your question or respond to your suggestion (whatever it is); Yes; I did try that.

    My conclusion, for now, is that, if and when a G20 does run “reliably” it is “running reliably” while right up against the ragged edge of failure, that a recoil-operated system for that caliber needs more reciprocating mass, and a magazine of fifteen rounds capacity in that size is pushing the limit juuust a bit farther than it should be pushed.

    And yes, I know; Your G20 runs like a champ. It’s “dead-nuts reliable”, even with the after-marlet stuff I tried which made the problem worse on both of my G20s. I get it. And no I’m not limp-wristing. The slide is too light and runs too fast for the magazine, so limp-wristing actually helps, if anything. And yes I tried all those recoil springs and magazine springs you were going to mention. I have every one ever made. Now it runs almost as well as a 1911 race gun. I’ve even gotten through four whole magazines in a row without a jam, so…fanTAStic, right?

  2. Bill Twist Says:

    Sounds like someone needs to read the Gospel According to John (Moses Browning).

  3. Sigivald Says:

    I don’t feel attacked.

    Because my Norinco was never worth anything, and shoots the hardball I plink with in it just fine.