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Higher education

A Masters Degree in Laying Sod. I put it in a lot of sod and landscaping. I’m pretty sure my guy doesn’t have a Masters Degree.

11 Responses to “Higher education”

  1. Dave L. Says:

    I work at Texas A&M University. Our campus actually has a grass/sod research ‘lab’, funded by Scott’s. (It’s on F&B Road, a bit east of the Equestrian Center, if you want to look for it on Google maps).

    Also, our athletic fields are immaculate.

  2. Lyle Says:

    If we take the British meaning of “sod”, well, we have a completely different interpretation.

  3. Ron W Says:

    I remember when the bad guys used to derisively taunt “The Rifleman”, Lucas McCain, with “sodbuster”.

  4. Old NFO Says:

    Yep, they got screwed… Now if it’d been turf management, they would be in the money! Golf courses pay BIG $$ to people for that.

  5. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    The former Kemptville (Ontario) ag college had undergrad courses in such things as lawn mowing, using powered edgers, etc.

    I used to walk my dogs through their plots, where they had their class finals…

  6. JTC Says:

    Makes as much (or more) sense as extended student careers in lots of various useless “disciplines” of academia which are primarily focused on avoiding any real work and continuing the Godless socialist indoctrination of youth and the destruction of the Republic.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    As comment there notes, “landscape architecture” is not “landscaping” as in “lawn maintenance”.

    (“Most states require landscape architects to get a degree from a program accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board of the American Society of Landscape Architects. ”

    They’re upset because the school fucked them over by not getting the accreditation they need to use their degree, under the law.)

    Call that “laying sod” is like calling a building architect a “framer” – completely wrong.

  8. Michael Quinn Says:

    This actually seems like a legit suit. The school took their money and promised to pursue accreditation. Then the school decided not to pursue that accreditation. Ask me, the school owes them their money back.

  9. JTC Says:

    And actually, based on your last post on the pot bill, an advanced degree could be very very remunerative…

    Grass Master. Or Grass Doctor even. You know it’s on the curriculum. And never a shortage of research volunteers.

  10. JTC Says:

    Oh, and “Higher Education”? Ha! Shit just writes itself.

  11. Al Treworgy Says:

    How many credit hours is the ” Green Side Up ” course ?

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