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What could possibly go wrong?

The Southern Policy Law Center basically classifies anyone they don’t like a “hate group”. So, it’s not a good thing that they help Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter in labeling hate groups.

3 Responses to “What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. Lyle Says:

    “Hate Group” = someone they hate.

    But wait; I hate theft, coercion and murder. So I am in fact a hater. Shit.

  2. Jeffery Says:

    Nitpicking – I believe it’s called (for whatever reason) the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to them, I’m a member of at least three Hate Groups. I’m a conservative Christian clergyman, I’m a member of the NRA, and a supporter of Israel (Christians United for Israel. The Jewish people have to have some place to call home. And they do have the deed to that land recorded at least five thousand years ago.)

  3. Heath J Says:

    It’s happening fast, Youtube just shitcanned Brownell’s channel.