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The Trumpening

I continue to support his various (and not usual protocol) uses of this pardon power: Kim Kardashian West Asked Trump to Commute Alice Johnson’s Life Sentence. He Just Did.

3 Responses to “The Trumpening”

  1. Heath J Says:

    Any means necessary to kill of the War on (some) drugs.

  2. nk Says:

    Trump has granted five pardons and two commutations since he took office, and one of the pardons was for long-dead Jack (The Great White Hope) Johnsonís 1913 conviction for miscegenation. Both of the commutations were of what I consider obscenely overlong sentences, and of the pardons only Arpaio had not fully served his sentence. To quote somebody: Much ado about nothing.

    Moreover, the way Trump is doing it is the way the Constitution says he has the power to do it. To any extent the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and especially it being a Senate-approved position, regulates, impedes, obstructs or slows down his ability to grant pardons and reprieves, it is unconstitutional.

  3. JTC Says:

    “The Trumpening”

    What was coined as an epithet has morphed into a battle cry…it’s a beautiful thing.

    Even the usual snarky suspects have been STFU. Heh.