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But of course

Right after Sandy Hook, the Obama admin emails show they planned to push gun control while people were still emotional.

2 Responses to “But of course”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Bill Clinton encouraged the Austrailians to get their gun control on as quickly as possible after the Port Arthur shooting back in the 1990s, for the same reason. Don’t knock it; it works, and they’ve dreamed of pulling off a similar ploy (that Big Win) in the U,S. ever since.

    Emotion is the leverage point from which we can be separated from all sanity and reason, and through which we are susceptible to suggestion. Hypnotists understand this perfectly. The authoritarians have known it all along, which is why they evoke and promote emotional responses at every opportunity. Sociopaths and psychopaths understand it almost instinctively. The TV and movie industries run on it exclusively.

    That Alliance tells us, and we believe it, that emotion is the very essence of being human.

    That idea is among the greatest, most destructive lies of all time, and practically all of us have fallen for it. Believing that lie, and living it, is just as good as being disarmed– It makes you easy to control. It may be better than disarming you, because when you’re being controlled through emotion you think it’s all your idea, that you’re making your own decisions.

    You’ll know instantly when someone is controlled through emotion. The tell, the dead give-away, is that they’ll display emotion right away when questioned on their “beliefs” (which are implanted). Usually they’ll get all pissed when asked pointed questions, turning the seemingly nice, mild-mannered person to a red-faced, enraged state in a heartbeat. If it’s not anger, it will be disgust, or some other emotion. Never a reasonable, calm, thoughtful response.

    When the emotion-controlled (hypnotics) are expounding on their implanted “beliefs” they’ll be all excited, and also frustrated that not everyone embraces those “beliefs” with the same gusto. If you observe a lot of “scientists”, especially if you get a chance to question them, you’ll find that many of them, possibly a majority, are just such goo-goo-eyed hypnotic cases, meaning they’re not practicing science at all, but rather an emotional allegiance to a tribe or to their own status.

    Far from defining our humanity then, emotion steals our identity away from us. Just sit back and watch people for a little while, any time, anywhere, and you’ll see this stuff in action all around you, and in yourself.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Well said, Lyle.

    Furthermore, the current emotional, anti-gun reactionaries want nothing to do with securing or protecting the schools. Their only “solution” is to demonize those who have nothing to do with school shootings and to attack their rights. School shootings are the emotional pretext for citizen disarmament which they must have since otherwise gun violence has being trending down for years. History clearly and conclusively demonstrated that citizen disarmament leads to far greater mass murder when there is a monopoly of violence in the hands of the government and their chosen violent NGO,s.