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The dumbest thing you’ll see today

What caliber for dog? Dogs are great noise makers and can ward off people who are scared of dogs. But they are not a complete home security system.

7 Responses to “The dumbest thing you’ll see today”

  1. BDubya Says:

    I have an attack Pomeranian.
    She barks at anything she doesn’t know at 150db, which will wake the dead. She has doggie sonar that makes sneaking up on her impossible.
    She provides the bark (early warning) and I provide the bite (via an appropriately wielded firearm maintained for that purpose) when required by the tactical situation.

  2. mikee Says:

    My dogs bark at things. Things like squirrels, distant traffic noises, neighboring kids on the other side of the fence, birds near their dog food bowls, rabbits, doors slamming two blocks away, jet aircraft at 10,000 feet approacing the distant airport 25 miles away, fireworks from the farm league baseball stadium after the Friday night games, and hot air balloons barely visible on the horizon. As alarms, they are 99.44% pure false positives.

    What they won’t bark at is a dog bigger than they are when being walked on a leash. Or coyotes yipping in the distance. Or our cat, who is mean to them. As attack dogs, they are 100% useless.

    Still love them, but I don’t include them in home security plans. Hope they don’t feel left out.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Carrying a gun is still easier than carrying a German Shepherd.

  4. SPM Says:

    My Dog is a 110lb black lab, He barks at everything. I keep a PT92 AF 9mm in My desk where I work (where I am now) and a S&W M&P M10 38 in My nightstand. By the door that leads to the hall that attaches My bedroom and office the the main part of the home I have My AR15.

  5. Sigivald Says:

    I just like the OP’s Cray-Cray “hey, the NRA wants to rob me, I know this because blibbity!!” … and Dana Loesch’s “you seem violent, maybe calm down?” response.

    (It does make me wonder how OP thinks the evil heavily-armed NRA would react if they were big into home invasion and murder and such.

    Other than, uh, shooting the dog and then her before the police arrived.

    Which is kind of the whole point “dog not sufficient” makes.)

  6. Richard Says:

    Dog is the sentry and very good at it. She sleeps in Condition Yellow. Doesn’t bark much. Big dangerous animals or person where they shouldn’t be, she growls. I am the response.

  7. ExpatNJ Says:

    We experienced an armed-home invasion at a time when we did not own any dogs. Since then, we’ve owned more than a few. And, we always will.

    We trained our dogs that ALL they have to do is bark (alert). Copious treats and love reinforce that well. And, just like ‘BDubya’ says, we’ll do the rest. BTW, they ain’t afraid of gunfire …

    Our dogs are members of our family and they know it. They will probably attack someone – but only if they see me or a member of the family being for-real attacked. I know they’d give their life for me, and they know I would for them.

    Next time there’s a tread about Attack Cats, I’ll tell you about my Killer-Kitty (yes, for-real cat).