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CMP 1911 Pricing

They’ve released the prices. They seem a bit spendy but they are more of a collector’s piece.

3 Responses to “CMP 1911 Pricing”

  1. mikee Says:

    yay, I can justify buying a brand new AR-15 pattern rifle.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Yeah, while I love my M1903, Garand, and M1 Carbine, I’m not sure I’d buy one of the 1911s. My Springfield GI edition 1911 shoots like crap and bites into my hand. Plus it weighs like 10 lbs. I’m not sure I need an authentic version of the same.

    For less than the $850 they want for a rack grade, I recently purchased a like new Sig P227 which carries more ammo and shoots a hell of a lot better.

    Personally I like guns I can enjoy shooting, not ones that just sit there and look pretty.

  3. Patrick Henry, the 2nd Says:

    Meh. High prices and a very silly process to get them. Hard pas.