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Not good

Black Gun Owner Will Give Birth in Prison After Trying to Protect 2-Year-Old Daughter from Assailant

5 Responses to “Not good”

  1. Anon Says:

    I wonder if she voted for the people responsible for gun owners being treated that way?
    I wonder if the experience will change her mind?

  2. rd Says:

    Where was her lawyer?


    Anybody contact the Governor? He is supposedly a Republican.

  3. Jailer Says:

    Our governor is a RINO. He won’t touch anything gun related with all the SJW activity going on lately.

  4. Mike Voncannon Says:

    This Would be a good case for NRA or SAF to take on…

  5. Will Says:

    Did you all notice the reported, and confirmed (in court!), automatic police “habit/bias” of treating the FIRST reporting person/complainant as being the VICTIM?

    That is not just a local problem for her, but is a NATIONWIDE automatic action of ALL police.

    EVERY interaction that you have with the cops, you will be categorized as victim-or-perpetrator. Good/bad. That is the only way they seem able to look at the public.

    FIRST one to talk to the cop is the good guy!

    I’ve worked around them, and that is their default mental outlook. The longer they wear a badge, the stronger this rules their actions.