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The bump stock ban

A detailed look at it. The case can be made that it would make semi-automatic rifles illegal.

8 Responses to “The bump stock ban”

  1. FiftycalTX Says:

    No. The bill would NOT make “all semi-autos illegal”. Look at the “author”. Some guy from “gun owners of America”. Pratt’s astroturf. All this is is a ploy by GOA to line it’s pockets with a hysterical fantasy and hope people give them money to fight this strawman.

  2. Fred Says:

    The language of the regulation could be used to ban weapons themselves but what’s more important is the method. It can now be used to ban your tooth brush or anything else.

    Attorney general makes up some shit, puts in the federal register, and voila, you’re a felon.

    And you have Donald “Take the guns first” Trump to thank for this brand new extra-constitutional lawmaking procedure And if you don’t like it, perhaps your ass should be red flagged for a swat raid.

    Thanks Trump. You’re such a ‘Big gun guy’.

    No, the rail cars are here to help take us to safety. Look at the language of the law about the new utopian camps we’ll get to live in. Everything is fine. Sleep, sleeeeep.

  3. JTC Says:

    Don’t fall into DT’s diversionary trap that is so effective on the progs, lots of smoke and noise while going about the biz of going about the biz…

  4. SPQR Says:

    What is actually much worse is Bloomberg’s language such as that Florida adopted, banning anything that increases rate of fire. Arguably bans any aftermarket trigger with a shorter reset, etc.

  5. Erik Says:

    Two things people donít look at with this is:

    1. Every person who has ever owned one or been in possession of a bump stock is now a felon.

    2. Paraplegics can own bumpstocks and use them because since manipulation requires two hands, they will never be able to be manipulate the rate of fire. Or, if an amputee shoots with a prosthetic that prosthetic becomes a bump stock asbit increases the rate of fire. Be sure and tell the ATF your feelings.

  6. Andrew Says:

    The “rate of fire” of a self loading firearm is defined as…
    Does Jerry Miculek get to “set the tone” with his skills?

    Or is it “one round per second”.

  7. Ron W Says:

    “1. Every person who has ever owned one or been in possession of a bump stock is now a felon.” –Erik

    That would be in flagrant violation of Article I, Section 9.3 of the U.S. Constitution which forbids the passage of an ex post facto law. But then we know that criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws.

  8. Sigivald Says:

    “Every person who has ever owned one or been in possession of a bump stock is now a felon.”

    As Ron W said, that won’t work.

    Plus I see no specifics of the proposed text at that worthless Breitbart link; Frankly I doubt very much that it even proposes an ex post facto felonization of pre-ban ownershup.