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Countries with more enlightened gun laws

Do tell: In the wake of a gun ban, Venezuela sees rising homicide rate

It’s also probably got to do with the communism.

2 Responses to “Countries with more enlightened gun laws”

  1. Ron W Says:

    The last two sentences in the article:

    “When the public is disarmed, ordinary criminals have greater impunity to rob and murder the innocent. So do criminal governments.”


  2. jerry the geek Says:

    With respect, I think you’ve got it just backwards.

    The laws forbidding private ownership of firearms were a root cause in Venezuelan Civil Unrest. The federal troops were armed, the civilians were not, and so the unbearable depredations upon the general populace led to a grass-roots movement to arm citizens.

    This isn’t evidence of “ordinary criminals” robbing, and not necessarily “criminal” governments.

    It’s just a ruling government which has become enamored of its power, and unwilling to concede civil rights to the ruled.

    The civilians are fighting for a just cause; Freedom.

    Criminals … both “entrepreneurs” and “Federalistas” are fighting for power and money.