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Countries with more enlightened gun laws

Mexico murder rate soars with 7,667 killed in 3 months

4 Responses to “Countries with more enlightened gun laws”

  1. Bruce Says:

    I recently went through Mexican gun laws and constitution while researching a presentation. They actually have a right to bear arms written into their constitution. They gutted it by claiming the right only applies within the home and banning ammo and gun sales. Basically a back door ban. Looks like it works super awesome.

  2. AR-15 Shooter Says:

    Wow! What a huge murder rate!

  3. Bill Twist Says:

    I hate to be that guy*, but I see AR-15 Shooter beat me to it, so here goes: That’s not a rate, that’s a raw count, which is relatively meaningless without having a defined total population and specific time period.

    *Who am I kidding? I *LOVE* being that guy.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Looks like a rate of 24/100k, if my math is right and I can count decimal places, extrapolated out to a year.

    (127.5M people, quartered for a three month period, divide 7667 by that.

    I think the “up 20% from last year” is more important, especially since these numbers are big enough that it can’t be mere noise.)