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But those loud teenagers are so convincing!

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5 Responses to “But those loud teenagers are so convincing!”

  1. Ron W Says:

    When they ignore who did it, who let it happen and condemn everybody who didn’t do it and would have protected them if they could, they don’t be convincing.

  2. Lyle Says:

    For some, emotion is the ultimate, valid argument. I hate to use the reference, but it was said specifically about Hitler, at the time, that only through emotion could one truly understand him (as though it were a good thing). Nothing changes. To the Forces of Darkness, emotion is their justification and sanctification. As such, to deride or deny their “feelings” is a crime against “Humanity” (we’re not supposed to have any feelings however – I guess that makes us non-human). They have it all perfectly wrong of course, but there it is and we have to approach the problem with that knowledge.

    It’s not the loudness that matters, but the intensity of the emotion which flows from their treasury of grievances.

  3. Ron W Says:

    @Lyle, and their emotion is not even directed at the culprits.

  4. Lyle Says:

    @Ron; No, they’re not. Their grievances are against the principles and laws of liberty, which oppress and constrain evil. They see those principles, and whosoever aspires to them, as enemies, and correctly so. Their “Liberation Theology” makes perfect sense from their point of view.

    Thus is their perception of “injustice”– They are oppressed. The evil that holds onto them yearns to breathe free, an ideal they call “social and economic justice” and which we know of all too well as corruption, wholesale plunder, murder and slavery.

  5. AG Says:

    It is the attack of reason and the rational mind, of critical and intelligent inquiry. They do not wish to argue against facts or reason, because they will lose, so the degrade the debate to sophistic appeals to emotion, other various logical fallacies, and cognitive biases. This is exactly what was done during the red revolution in china, and with communism and fascism in general. The best way to combat such rhetoric and social manipulation is through education, but some people are so dumbed down, or simply so intellectually challenged or incapable or critical inquiry, most likely from all the vaccines and garbage in the environment, that they become easily swayed by such blatant demagoguery. It is a multi-pronged attack that we must counter in a equally multi-faceted way in order to ameliorate the damage they have done and continue to do. It is in fact a spiritual war, as it has always been since the beginning, good vs. evil, that will last until the second coming. It is up to us to keep fighting the good fight.

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