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Perhaps it’s because we expect you to check facts?

Adam Weinstein is butthurt that people who support gun rights expect him to do his job and get the facts. I mean, I understand it can be difficult to know what you’re talking about but you seem capable of research since you can put words on the internet. He refers to it as gunsplaining. A term which should be given the same level of credibility as mansplaining and white privilege (i.e., none).

If you’re advocating for a policy change of legislation, it helps to know what the fuck you’re talking about. And you don’t and that makes you look like a hack.

8 Responses to “Perhaps it’s because we expect you to check facts?”

  1. Lyle Says:

    It is not reality that matters. Rather it is his feelings which matter. If you attempt to correct his error, you’re hurting his feelings, and that is an act of “violence” which cannot be allowed. People have the “right” to feel whatever they feel, and to impose their wishes, which arise out of those feelings, upon you by force of law. You have no such right because you, as a gun owner, are only compensating for your inadequate penis and you obviously want KIDS TO DIE so you can have your gun fun. Oh and; “Abortion ‘rights’ forever!”

    It’s pretty simple really. Anti-constitutional agitators have rights and you don’t. You can’t possibly have rights because your so-called “rights” are killing kids every day, starving kids, forcing old people to choose between medicine and food, keeping millions in poverty, hurting women and people of color, and destroying the planet which causes storms, floods and earthquakes and could cause whole islands to capsize.

    So there you have it; you’re the problem, not some ignoramous who fails to check “facts”. “Facts” won’t protect the children– Only anti-constitutional laws, citizen disrarmament, and coercive wealth redistribution can protect the children and the environment.

  2. Drang Says:

    I had some thoughts on that: Ignorance, arrogance, and “gunsplaining”

  3. TX_Teacher Says:

    On the other hand, gun-banners really just don’t care about details except as rhetorical points. It’s all just mor echaff and smoke.

  4. TX_Teacher Says:

    If you insist that people advocating legislation on a topic should know something about it first, you want children to die. Murderer.

    Also you are probably racist against uninformed people. “Uninformed” is now a racial category. I bet you didn’t know that, you racist murderer.

  5. Mike Says:

    “The NRA and its allies are calling me out on my ignorance, and it made me feel bad, which is racist.”

  6. Mike Voncannon Says:

    Itís his way of trying to shut us up. IMHO, he chose poorly.

  7. Richard Says:

    I gave up on the media getting facts right about guns or anything else decades ago. They are not only biased, they are lazy, stupid, ignorant and obsessed with sex and violence.

  8. Critter Says:

    Journalism is hard.