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Gun Violence Restraining Orders

Publicola is none to pleased with the Metrocon Fortnightly’s embrace of GVROs. Neither am I. Due process and all. I’m also not a fan of NRA’s apparent embrace of something that is different but mostly the same. But Sebastian is correct that means the NRA has calculated that it will likely lose that fight.

3 Responses to “Gun Violence Restraining Orders”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    From everything I’ve read, there is due process in that an actual threat to themselves or others has to have multiple witnesses and the accused given an opportunity to rebut in front of a judge before anyone’s guns are taken.

  2. Mike W. Says:

    I can say I read the proposed bill here in DE, and there’s no real due process. You get your guns taken away, then you have the opportunity to petition the courts to get them back, which is the opposite of how things should work if the 4th Amendment means anything.

  3. JTC Says:

    Call it a Risk Protection Order or just call it peace officers doing their job of protecting the public by following up with people who exhibit threats, including but not limited to removing their access to weapons. I’m good with that, might keep me from having to shoot that motherfucker if he threatened me or mine.

    But call it Gun Violence Restraining Order or anything else that begins with “gun violence” and I won’t even listen. I’ve said it my whole life and career using, defending, and dealing in firearms…there is no such thing as Gun Violence or any other Object Violence. People can be violent and they use weapons to do it, guns are efficient weapons but like any other tool they can’t do shit without people. In this case people who for whatever reason cannot be trusted around other people because there is cause to believe that could be violent, and removing efficient weapons from them makes sense in the same way taking a drunk’s keys does…no more no less. And that gun once removed or those keys out of the ignition won’t do anything but lay there. The term gun violence has become so prevalent that it is used even by our own when what they mean is violence by people with guns. I hate it and I won’t use it or respond to it ever.

    Of course this is all moot, because vilifying guns themselves is their point, and it’s not keeping guns away from violent or unstable people that they really want, it’s keeping guns away from you.