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Two Americas

A teacher in NJ has been suspended for being pro gun.

5 Responses to “Two Americas”

  1. Lyle Says:

    No doubt, the ACLU will be all over that.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    “Locke allegedly said that a similar shooting could happen at Cherry Hill…”

    That’s unpossible. New Jersey has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    They’re touchy about things like that in Cherry Hill:

  4. Easyb Says:

    Id compare school administrators to spineless creatures like slugs, but would rather not insult the slug like that.

  5. mikee Says:

    I’ve read that legal gun ownership in New Jersey is performed at one’s peril, but isn’t this taking that state’s already absurd anti-gun stance a bit far? In most other states, a combat veteran who became a teacher and expressed a desire to safeguard his students would be commended, and the insane young person who complained would be the one sent for psychological evaluation.