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The Trumpening

He says to take guns first then due process.

Then he says background checks won’t pass if national reciprocity is attached. Sorry, but I want something in return.

After, he says respect the second amendment.

And he wants to administratively ban bump stocks. Again, I want something in return.

Trump appears to just make mouth noises to cater to whoever he’s talking to. But others say he’s playing 3D chess. Meh.

11 Responses to “The Trumpening”

  1. Fred Says:

    BUT, he actually did send a memo to the DOJ to ban bump stocks and he actually does support pre crime arrests. He’s a Fudd.

  2. Jim Says:

    I have already given birth to a calf during the amnesty roundtable. I am not physically able to have a cow now.

  3. Veeshir Says:

    He’s not playing chess, he’s playing checkers.
    His opponents are playing tiddly-winks so it only looks as if he’s doing something impressive.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Truth requires few words. And they never change.

    “I’m a second amendment supporter, BUT…” isn’t truth. It’s anything BUT truth.

    Anyway, to everyone reading this, do the following, I beg you; grab Trump’s inaugural speech, in text form, and carefully Fisk every sentence. Forget, if you can, that it came from a Republican or that you might even have voted for the son of a bitch (as I did).

    It’s pure National Socialism with a Fascist foundation (Mussolini was, after all, an ideological Marxist, as was Hitler, and the American Progressives of the day loved both of them). ONLY THEN when you’re all done, you should re-remember that it came from a Republican.

    In light of the above, Trump would most correctly be described as a Progressive, being that the Progressive Movement has the same goals as any Marxist/communist, but with the added feature, or tactic, of doing it in stages over time, as distinguished from precipitous revolution.

    When the leftist agitators call Trump a “Fascist!!!!”, then, try to give them a break. They’re more technically correct than they can possibly imagine, not having a clue what the word means and all. Likewise, when they called Dubbya Bush a Fascist— I’d reply thusly, “You are correct; he’s far too much of a leftist…”

  5. Fűz Says:

    I accept that he may be ‘playing 17-dimensional chess’ with how he is positioning himself in this meeting.
    I just wish he expressed himself in something more like, say, the 4 dimensions we mere mortals inhabit. I can only guess what he meant.

    That said, what he may have been saying is that if someone is expressing intent and showing means to commit mayhem with a firearm, perhaps police and prosecutors should by then have what they need to act on that someone. I’d rather call that ‘probable cause’ than ‘seizure then due process’

    and at that point, it’s the person who should be seized, not the guns. Take the guns away but leave the person free, and you have a pissed off person who might build a Molotov or refine his chewing tobacco into lethal pure nicotine.

  6. nk Says:

    He spent his whole life doing business in New York and Hollywood. Puckering up (not to use a stronger image) for Democrats is a reflex with him.

  7. JK Brown Says:

    Democrats are backing off support of the NICS improvement bill because not it might pass. Feeling is they fear if it passed, it would interfere with support of gun bans.

  8. JTC Says:

    Pragmatic. Artist of misdirection and the deal. Even the word vomit from that meeting; it was live on teevee for a reason, whatever it may be.

    One hell of a lot has been accomplished in the midst of the chaos to this point. I’ll give him a pass…for now.

    Muir’s DaybyDay depicts him tonight as a sheriff with an empty holster, and a citizen reminding him his gat -and his badge- are on loan, but we call the shots. I think he knows that; it is well that we remember it too.

  9. Divemedic Says:

    I’m taking a wait and see approach. Talk is cheap. Let’s see what actually gets passed. There isn’t much else we can do, anyway.

    In the meantime, I am stocking up on mags and ammo. I am also considering buying some 80% lowers and jigs, or maybe some stripped lowers, if any can be found.

  10. Patrick Says:

    I suspect Trump supports the Second Amendment in concept – but like so many people he has no idea how hard those details can be.

    I’ve sat with staunch “true conservative” lawmakers and gone over nice-sounding legislation with them and pointed out the tiny gotchas designed to ensnare and harm lawful people. They got it, and changed their support accordingly.

    WE all know that the patchwork of law and regulation across local, state & federal creates a massive minefield. But you’d be surprised how many of “our” lawmakers don’t even know the little details of 922, etc.

    Trump is Trump. He talks first and learns/thinks later. I’m not trying to go soft on him, but one thing that’s clear is you watch his actions and ignore his words.

    He’s going to get reamed in the mid-terms if he doesn’t do something spectacular to overcome his recent idiotic statements. In my mind, he needs to push reciprocity even if it fails in the Senate. He needs to do something bigly to make us trust him.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    And remember – this is the NRA’s candidate. He should be eternally hung about their neck.