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I chuckled a little

Walmart will no longer sell rifles to those under 21. Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell “assault rifles” which is kind of surprising because if they were selling “assault rifles” that would have been illegal.

FedEx didn’t abandon the NRA but issued some silly statement supporting gun control. So, I kind of laughed today when FedEx delivered my bump stock.

33 Responses to “I chuckled a little”

  1. mikee Says:

    Could have been worse, you could have ordered a shoulder thing that goes up.

  2. chiefjaybob Says:

    As the great and wise Glenn Harlan Reynolds would say, “Heh.”

  3. HL Says:

    Isn’t that age discrimination?

  4. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Well, it’s not hearing the lamentations of der wimmin, but it’s pretty good.

  5. nk Says:

    My local 7-Eleven doesn’t stock assault rifles, either. Guess I’ll have to look for them at the Jewel-Osco.

  6. Ron W Says:

    @nk, maybe they should stock Personal Self Defense Rifles, 7000 of which were purchased by the Dept of Homeland Security during the Obama Administration. It was reported that those rifles were select-fire, full-auto which would also make them suitable for the offensive tactic of assault. Semi-auto rifles are excellent for personal self defense, but not do much for tactical assault.

  7. Ron W Says:

    “so much” I meant to say, before spell check changed it

  8. Geoff Says:

    3, 4 or 5 round burst is preferred for select fire, easier to control. But there are situations where “spray and pray” may be needed.
    M4 – semi and full
    M4A1 – semi and 3 round burst.
    Some foreign rifles have 4 or 5 round burst.

  9. Geoff Says:

    I keep getting those reversed. DUH!
    M4 – semi and 3 round burst.
    M4A1 – semi and full auto.

  10. Jay Dee Says:

    I’ve had great fun with my local Kroger; asking where they stock the AR-15s and ammunition.

  11. Chas Says:

    All these private sector responses, to a government-managed mass murder, and all of them aimed at, wait for it, the private sector! It’s like a commie conspiracy come true!
    From the FBI, to the BSO, to the SRO, it was a government-managed mass murder, but the organization upon whom we are to focus blame, is the private sector – NRA! Yes, we do live in an absurdity.
    It wasn’t a conspiracy, it was a consensus. One Deep State Democrat after another thought that it was a good idea to do nothing, and as a result, we got Nikolas Cruz, neo-celebrity school shooter and mass murderer, and the new poster boy for the gun ban left. I do suppose that they should get credit for him, since it was their school policies that created him.
    BTW, those government officials who supported the left’s gun ban agenda by ignoring Cruz? They’re in line for promotion, and for their service to the left’s gun ban agenda, they will certainly be promoted. Look for one of them to be the new head of the FBI. After all, he’s earned it, for his service to the left, as far as Chuck Schemer is concerned.
    So, what is next? As Lenin put it, “What is to be done?” Well, LaPierre, what’re ya gonna do now?

  12. Chas Says:

    What are the political left’s bused-in crowds going to chant now?
    “FBI! BSO! SRO! Blame the NRA!”
    After all, that IS their argument.

  13. Chas Says:

    After the .gov has successfully managed their latest mass murder, the only appropriate response is, “Fuck the .gov, it’s carry or die!” Anything less is suicide. Do you want to die? They would like that; they want that. They need you for their gun ban body count. Will you give them your body for their political agenda?

  14. Chas Says:

    Along the lines of “chuckling”, it’s Saturday night, so a little fun. The most anti-Marxist/feminist song of all time: “Pump It Up”, and we know that that’s about, and the Marxist/feminist bitches wish they didn’t, but they do, and fuck them:

  15. Chas Says:

    Ouch! Maybe that was too anti-Marxist/feminist. Try this:

  16. Chas Says:

    Is that an electric guitar that he has, or an AR-15, or does it really matter? I mean, if you’re gonna be like that, what the heck? What difference does it make, for most people. Either they like you, or they don’t. Well, Elvis Costello worked pretty well, for a lot of people, back in the day, and maybe more so now. Spring is coming. I hope. Hope? Spring doesn’t give a shit about hope. It comes anyway. Like a freight train, regardless of what you think, or think not, or think about. It comes, and that’s a good thing.

  17. Chas Says:

    Anyway, it’s spring, and if you need to know what that’s like, here’s what it’s been like for the past 300 years at the Palace of Versailles. I don’t recall much of a brouhaha over gun control over those three centuries, and hopefully, our rights will survive the latest Marxist temper tantrum about how we should all be subordinated to their will:

  18. Ron W Says:

    Chas, your #11 post was right on!

  19. JTC Says:

    I prefer and advocate firearm transactions that do not generate gov paperwork (’cause I’m green and shit!), but it does bug me some that Dick and Wally won’t be carrying my ‘splody ammo anymore:

    The adults are still in charge here in Fla where this latest round of fuck the Constitution originated, but age is not always the determining factor in that…this lady Sen. Stewart has just produced a new meme right up there with shoulder things that go up when it comes to politicians who want to usurp my rights with ignorant kneejerk legislation.

  20. Ritchie Says:

    So…Walmart is dicks? OK then.

  21. dustydog Says:

    As of 3/05, local Dick’s is still selling the same shotguns and bolt actions by Remington, Mossberg, and Marlin they have been selling for the past decade.

  22. Ron W Says:

    @dustydog, although I don’t go often, I can’t recall seeing any “personal self defense rifles” in the local Dick’s over the 10 years. Just the usual Remington, Mossberg, Marlin’s, Savage and others “they’ve been selling for the past decade”.

  23. JTC Says:

    They’ve been selling the EBR’s etc at an offshoot branded store which they apparently will no longer do. They don’t get any of my business for anything anyway, and they shouldn’t get yours either.

    I didn’t read the full article but I saw a headline today about a revolt and resignation of some employees calling them a lib organization…which they are, and a crass virtue-signaling one at that.

  24. JTC Says:

    And there’s this,

    Age discrimination class-action against Dick and Wally? Hmm.

  25. Ron W Says:

    The age of adulthood needs to be decided and applied equally for every right, whether 18 or 21.If it’s legislatively or abitrarily applied, then rightfully there should be lawsuits. It is outrageously unfair to send 18-19 year olds abroad to foreign wars supposedly to “protect our freedoms” by bearing a select-fire, full auto, true assault rifle and then deny them and others their age their 2nd Amendment right of armed self with the “commonly used” semi-auto weapon of their choice here.

    Also any if any new gun control laws were to be enacted against us, they should also be applied equally to government officials, agents AND to private security companies.

    “ . . . Congress can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society.”
    — James Madison, The Federalist Papers, No. 57.

  26. DocMerlin Says:

    @JTC . Age discrimination is only illegal when done on old people. Age discriminating against the young is perfectly legal, as the protected class is “old age” not “age”

  27. jaydub Says:

    I had some dicks gift cards laying around I thought the best thing was to quit letting them hold money so I bought some ammo. Wonder if everyone who had dicks cards used up at the same time to drain the merchandise but not give them any new money then stop buying from them. If they had a big exposure of un-cashed gift cards that were suddenly cashed, followed by a distinct drop in business it may have an effect on their bottom line. Probably no effect but at least I got my gift cards cashed before they went under.

  28. JTC Says:

    DocMerlin, that is federal policy, however many states do not discriminate, as it were, on age discrimination. A class action against every dick in one of those as a test case is what is coming. Here’s a good discussion of that.

    That’s a six-minute vid, but listen it through for that issue plus some great -and I think accurate- thoughts on The Donald’s recent public stream-of-consciousness session.

  29. Ron W Says:

    The President needs to keep a pocket Constitution and peruse it regularly between tweets…as do ALL our elected officials. On the “gun issue”, it would be good to read Article I, Section 8.15-16. That is the enumerated power delegated to the United States re: the Militia, I.e., the armed citizenry. There, according to English read by the rules of grammatical construction, the Federal Government may only govern such part of the militia that it EMPLOYS in its service. That is why the subordinate clause beginning the 2nd Amendment sentence has militia to referencing the delegated power which RESTRICTS the Federal Government to only “such Part of them” (the Militia) as may be EMPLOYED in its service. Furthermore, the plain wording of the 10th Amendment states that without delegated power, the Federal Government shall do NOTHING!

  30. HL Says:

    And, here we go…

  31. JTC Says:

    Inevitable as we said and well written; too bad you’ll likely see it only on Breitbart. Too bad we don’t have the astroturf like the libs, how you do a test case is find a few clean-cut well-spoken military men 18-20 years old -yes I said men- attempting to exercise their Constitutional right to the tools for a little off-time recreation and being denied by counter borgs at DickMart. And do it in Jersey which has some of the strongest anti-discrimation statutes in the country, has a shit ton of said DickMarts to try to patronize, and two shit tons of media that will be forced to carry a big story in its own back yard.

    RonW, yes but those who would usurp your second amendment rights by definition don’t give a shit about your tenth. As for some real-world dope on Trump do listen to former the Attorney General toward the end of the vid I linked above. He’s right about what he says; he gets Trump yet he’s not a fanboi. Wonder if he’s available? Sessions is DT’s biggest mistake for many reasons. IMO.

  32. Ron W Says:

    @JTC, I agree. But the 10th Amendment is quite clear and unambiguous. That being true, demonstrates the flagrant criminality among many or most elected and appointed officials.

    And you’re absolutely correct re: Sessions.

  33. JTC Says:

    Ron W, I like what I see from Gonzalez in the link above…lot of good experience and history in the job, perfect for dealing with immigration, and he gets Trump without being a fanboi. There may be other reasons he wouldn’t work but Sessions is a serious weak spot and needs replaced.