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Hit them in the wallet

So, Delta decided to yank benefits for NRA members. As such, the Georgia LG is blocking their tax exemption for jet fuel. To the tune of $50M.

A few things on the NRA bennies. Not a lot of members are aware of them. I never new I got a lot of those discounts. I did, however, use their life insurance. It was a good rate and reasonable coverage. But I never knew I got car rental and plane discounts.

And what were these companies thinking? Do they think the 17 year old kids and twitter bots harassing them will ever be customers? And do they think the NRA’s 5M members will continue use their services? Most will. Until NRA sends a notice out in America’s First Freedom and Shooting Illustrated. But then, I’m guessing they’ll lose some business.

5 Responses to “Hit them in the wallet”

  1. ralph Says:

    Sadly, virtue signalling is now an effective form of marketing.

  2. Paul Koning Says:

    It’s a form of marketing, yes. Whether it’s effective remains to be seen. Early indications is that it might be effective if your goal is to run your company into the ground, not so much if you goal is for the company to be successful.

  3. Countertop Says:

    Iím on a work trip right now and had no choice but to use Delta unfortunately. But Iím thinking about taking a sharpie and writing a NSFW message to delta on one of my shirts to wear on the flight home. Screw them.

    I did have more control over ground transportation options. I originally had a car with national reserved for the week. Iím an Emerald executive level member there. Rented from them 23 times last year. Was going to cost $400. I canceled my reservation and took a taxi instead. Told National the reason too. Theyíve lost me as a customer. Iíll just take Lyft or rent from someone else.

  4. David Parker Says:

    I sent this to Delta.

    Your Actions re- the NRA

    I am a Million Miler and my wife and I are both Platinum Medallion Members. I have flown 100 segments on Delta every year for the last 27 years.

    I am absolutely disgusted by your actions in this matter. I will now be learning to love American Airlines.


  5. Mike Says:

    First National Bank of Omaha had the NRA credit card, and has announced that it is not renewing the agreement. I’ll wait until NRA announces who it goes with next, then cancel. It’s Dick’s Sporting Goods I’m really disappointed in.