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The internet for the last week

SJW: Let’s ban all guns!

Gun Nut: Uhm, no.

SJW: Ok, let’s ban the ones that look scary!

Gun Nut: Also, no.


15 Responses to “The internet for the last week”

  1. Sigivald Says:

    “Ban AR-15s!!!”

    “What do you mean there are *OTHER* SCARY BAD GUNS!?!?”

  2. Lyle Says:

    The argument forever;

    SJW; “You have blood on your hands of you don’t favor authoritarianism!!!!

    “Liberty is Slavery!!!!

    “Ignorance is strength!!!

    “Dependence is freedom!!!

    “Human rights means the ‘right’ to deprive rights!!!

    “Emotion is truth (and by implication, and sometimes pointed rhetoric, reason is a weapon of oppression)!!!

    “Central planning or death!!!” (which is more of a threat than a warning)

    It’s all thousands of years old. It never changes. I could add; “We have both the power and the moral imperative to create better humams!!!” with all the Eugenics horrors that implies, and more, but the above covers it already. Besides; no leftist is that succinct, nor gramatically correct.

  3. Fred Says:

    Also featured prominently:

    SJW: Let’s take their guns.

    Gun Nut: OK. Your move.

  4. Fred Says:

    Also seen on the webz:

    “We guard our banks, celebrities, and politicians with guns and our children with signs.”

    That’s fairly pointed.

  5. Old NFO Says:

    Fred beat me to it, I saw that one and it’s DEAD ON!

  6. Kasper Says:

    Twitter is nuts! In one post the SJWs are posting about Trump being a Fascist dictator and the next wanting to ban guns…


  7. majmike Says:

    I once saw a movie where only the police and the military had firearms. It was “Schindler’s List”.

  8. wildbill Says:

    If an 18 year old can’t be trusted with an AR15 then he can’t be trusted to vote. If they want to raise the age to own guns then repeal the 26th Amendment and put the voting age back to 21.

  9. TheRon Says:

    @wildbill, yes, nor serve in the military where you are provided a true “assault” weapon (select-fire, full-auto) and sent abroad to undeclared wars “to protect our freedoms”.

  10. Blounttruth Says:

    The reality is the school shooting is a perfect example of a gun controlled zone. The shooting fish in a barrel meme is clearly at play, and the left can never answer why there are no mass shootings at police stations, armories, NRA events, gun shows, etc.

    They only call for more of the same due to ignorance of fact, and those on the left usually are far from free thinkers, and want the media and political class to do their thinking for them, as they give their full trust to a group that’s main premise is to lie to get ahead, and they are too ignorant to see that as well.

  11. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    No. BFYTW. Now what?

  12. mikee Says:

    Every type of firearm can be demonized, from “assassin’s weapons” i.e, Derringers up to “WMDs” i.e, .50 BMG rifles. If a firearm is being demonized for the very properties it was designed to exhibit (concealability, or long range accuracy, or 30 round magazines) the argument being advanced is so flawed as to be laughable.

    So rather than laugh at the arguments put forth by recently traumatized kids from that high school, I’d like to know who is organizing and funding and publicizing their precious behavior? 100 high schoolers can’t rent buses to go to the state house, it takes an adult (and here’s hoping the kid’s parents all signed permission for the trip, or the organizer is in deep stuff).

  13. John Locke Says:

    It is being put together by one Clare Schexnyder and she is getting help from the organizers of the Women’s March.
    She also worked as a CNN senior producer.

    More here.

  14. mikee Says:

    Thanks, now at least I know who is wearing the most bloody shoes.

  15. Paul Koning Says:

    Oleg Volk has an amazing collection of images you can apply to this fight. Check them out (
    Scott Bieser has a smaller collection but they are powerful. Here is one that fits perfectly: