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Quote of the day

Seen at Shooting Illustrated:

Tom Givens carries the Glock G35 in .40 S&W instead of the 1911 he used to carry, pointing out that its overall length is the same. But, he also points out, while the eight-round 1911 was a two-bad-guy gun, theres an increasing trend of multiple attackers and the Glock had enough ammo on board for a three-bad-guy world.

And read the whole thing. I don’t generally carry what I’d consider to be my competition gun. But I do some.

19 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Paul Says:

    Well I dunno where the ‘two bad guy’ ‘three bad guy’ gun stuff comes from (are we saying 8 rounds of .45 is just enough for two bad guys???) but it seems kind of silly.

    I don’t mind carrying a LONG… BIG… BULKY… gun or a short small one. Just I kind of think saying one is a two bad guy and the other a three.. what does that make a 30 shot 9mm, ‘four bad guy’ gun. A 2 inch 5 shot snub.. a ‘1/2 bad guy’ gun?

  2. Sigivald Says:

    Ceteris paribus, more shots is better.

    But bigger is also worse.

    It’s almost like life is all about tradeoffs or something.

  3. Joe Huffman Says:

    I carry my STI DVC Limited (18 + 1 of .40 S&W) in a Kramer IWB holster just behind my hip. I have a spare magazine on my other hip. I switch holsters for competition.

    If I ever have to use a gun in self-defense I want to be the gun I practice with the most. This assures that.

  4. Old NFO Says:

    I’d listen to Tom. He has the data to back up what he says.

  5. SPQR Says:

    I’m gonna paint marks on my magazines “1 BG”, “2 BG”

  6. Greg Says:

    Damn Joe, Seriously? How well does that magwell conceal?

  7. Huck Says:

    I don’t think that in a 2-3 attacker scenario one would have to drop all 2 or 3. Most likely, as soon as the attackers find you to be a hard target, (armed) they wouldn’t push it and would likely beat feet. Thugs are after easy victims, not a shootout.

    I think that a Revolver or M1911 would still be effective in a multiple attacker scenario.

  8. Ravenwood Says:

    Huck, my thoughts exactly. If you managed to drop 2 of the 3, my guess is #3 isn’t hanging around to continue the fight.

  9. aerodawg Says:

    Nobody in a firefight ever complained about having too much ammo.

  10. Publius Says:

    Highly overrated. Your gun sucks, and youre holding it wrong.

  11. Joe Huffman Says:


    During the summer I conceal it underneath a t-shirt. I have a Kramer horsehide leather holster with a “FBI title”. I think the tilt helps keep the magwell close to my body. I’m also fairly trim with my hips wider than my waist to that probably helps too.

    The only time someone said they noticed was when I was reaching up high and the shirt pulled up over the gun.

  12. Lyle Says:

    Yeah I had to change the belt loops around to tilt the G20 forward. 15 rounds in the gun with another 14 in a reload – no problem.

    It has occurred that two combatants both empty their high capacity pistols at one another at close range, neither person being hurt. See the Keyhoe Brothers shootout. Either one with a single, well-placed shot from a flintlock smooth-bore muzzleloader would have prevailed.

    That dog is right. You can’t miss fast enough, or miss with enough shots, to win the fight. Practicing on static targets, only in the best weather in ideal lighting conditions, is no way to prepare either.

    Go out and hunt, for one thing, and you’ll learn things you never knew you didn’t know you couldn’t handle. Unknown unknowns, as it has been put, rather brilliantly.

    Also; if there’s not an IPSC stage, or even an entire match, where no shots are fired, there should be. The concept of being all prepared, equipped, all psyched up and ready to shoot, and then not shooting, is a real, very valid and important one and should be taught.

    Also; you never get a “walk through” in a real life “shooting match”.

  13. Paul Says:

    I wonder how cops did it with six shot revolvers. Arn’t those ‘one bad guy’ guns? Or when Jeff Cooper advocated (and carried) a 1911 .45 and just one spare mag (that’s 15 rounds, total.)

    One should be most concerned with the FIRST shots, not the 15th or the next mag. Sure there are a few cases where gunfights have gone past what was carried in the weapons but not many. Not many at all.

    Spend your time on the range getting good with your chosen piece. Spend $$ on ammo to get that skill. It will be the first shots that matter the most.

  14. Greg Says:

    @Joe Huffman – Impressive. And here I thought I was the shiz with a slim magwell TRP under a polo 🙂

  15. Mike Voncannon Says:

    I thought multiple bad guys was why we carry spare magazines…

  16. LKP Says:

    Publius Says:
    February 9th, 2018 at 10:13 am
    “Highly overrated. Your gun sucks, and youre holding it wrong.”

    Yet, no one one ever volunteers to be shot with someone else’s gun. Not even with a 22. I wonder why?

  17. Patrick Says:

    My wife would carry her full-size FNX-40 if she could, but she’s a skinny 93 pounds. I’d carry a big gun but my waist is narrower than my chest. We get stuck with mouse guns.

    Conclusion: The gun world is prejudiced against skinny people.

    Call us triggered.

    //sorry. it’s been a long day already…//

  18. Publius Says:

    Probably because you arent using the correct caliber.

  19. SPQR Says:

    Can we agree that Greg is the shiz ?