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Still not feeling it

The creeping crud has me feeling like warmed over poop at the end of the day. So, light blogging.

Reader Poobie’s battle with leukemia makes my bronchitis seem trivial. So, well wishes to you, Poobie.

5 Responses to “Still not feeling it”

  1. nk Says:

    Garlic. A couple of nice fresh cloves of garlic with lunch and dinner. They go best with a boiled green vegetable such as mustard greens, endive or spinach, lightly salted, with a “dressing” of a generous drenching of olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh squeezed lemon; a nice chunk of salty cheese such as feta, asiago or romano; and some crusty bread for filling and to sop up the olive oil with. You can dice the garlic on top of your vegetable or just nibble on the cloves as you eat. Better than chicken soup, believe you me, I guarantee it.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I rely on a good dose of hot and sour soup.

  3. poobie Says:

    well hell, thanks man. I do get to wear a sweet Bane mask when I go out right now, so it’s not entirely awful. 🙂

    Anyway, sorry for broadcasting that kind of downer, and I really do hope you get to feeling better soon, because you entertain the shit out of me, dude.

  4. jerry the geek Says:

    Oh heck … you too? I’ve been using the Creepy Crud as an excuse to not do things I have to do for the past week.

    I recommend several daily doses of expensive Canadian Whiskey.

    No, it does nothing to aleviate the discomfort.

    but you don’t care any more.

  5. Jeffersonian Says:

    Got a dose of the influenza A in January which resolved itself quickly with the aid of Tamiflu. Then I quickly got a case of bronchitis which has refused to ease even with the judicious application of good ole ‘Merican Bourban. Might have to try abstinence. The horror.