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Speaking of stupid technical gun laws

This is pretty ridiculous:

Zhao was arrested because he allegedly attached a 30-round magazine to a rifle. He was allowed to own both the gun and magazine, but when they were combined, the rifle qualified as an assault weapon prohibited to people with Zhaos visa status.

Oh, Virginia, what has happened to you?

10 Responses to “Speaking of stupid technical gun laws”

  1. Paul Koning Says:

    Virginia (part of it anyway) is infested with people who work in DC.

  2. Miles Says:

    Virginia is a land of weird gun laws.

    Only US citizens are allowed to buy or possess ‘assault weapons’ which are defined by State Law as a firearm with a 30 round or larger capacity magazine.

    The active duty guys where I worked on Ft. Eustis had a yearly ‘group buy’ for guns. Most were for handguns, but the last, before I retired, was for FN PS90s.
    When they showed up at the local gun store, I was stunned to learn I had to provide either a passport, or birth certificate as part of the documents needed to make the final transfer.

  3. Fred Says:

    The home of Jefferson and Washington? US citizens like Jefferson and Washington? Bwa ha ha ha!

  4. Sebastian Says:

    He was here illegally, so he was federally prohibited. Even people here on student visas are considered nonimmigrant aliens and are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms unless they first obtain a valid hunting license. I’m guessing he had one, because he’s not the first Chinese student to get into trouble through the vagaries of US firearms laws. I recall there was a case in Arizona where they obtained resident hunting permits, and got in trouble because they were not residents, and so the guns were not legally obtained in that case.

    Still, there’s no good to be obtained by prosecuting him. Deport him and let him get on with his life.

  5. Matt Says:

    Glad I used 20 rounders when I bought and owned AR-15s in Virginia as a Green Card holder! I owned 30 rounders but never used them.

  6. Ravenwood Says:

    Virginia has turned blue, but that gun law has been on the books forever. I used to always carry my voter registration card as my second ID because it also proves citizenship for those nasty assault rifles.

    (An illegal alien would never have a voter registration card, right?)

    We used to have to show a second ID for all gun purchases, but now it’s just citizenship for “assault weapons”.

  7. Ravenwood Says:

    The stupidest technical gun law in Virginia is that it’s illegal to carry concealed in restaurants and drink alcohol at the same time, but perfectly legal to open carry and drink (as long as you’re under 0.8 BAC).

    How does this happen? Well Virginia doesn’t really have any open carry laws. It’s always been legal to open carry, even in restaurants, even when drinking (just so long as you aren’t legally drunk). So they passed a concealed carry law and banned concealed carry in restaurants (it remained legal to open carry). Then they amended the concealed handgun laws to graciously allow concealed handguns in restaurants, but only as long as you don’t drink.

    Because the law only impacts concealed handguns, if you want to drink in a restaurant and carry a gun, you have to do it openly.

  8. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    What happened to Virginia? A Pakistani shot the crap out of the Christians in Action in 1993. Foreign nationals govern our rights.

    Mir Qazi:

  9. Ravenwood Says:

    Shootin’ Buddy, was that the genesis of that law? Didn’t know that.

    Point of fact, my wife waited at and went through that stop light exactly one light cycle before the shooting started. Had she been a minute later, I could still be a bachelor.

  10. Rivrdog Says:

    What happened to VA? Land of Jefferson and Washington? I was born there, so I am a geographic Virginia Gentleman, but DEMOCRAPS happened. They tried to drag all of DeeCee’s Infringements across the Potomac, and succeeded with quite a few.