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Prohibited person

If you’re a prohibited person, you probably shouldn’t do a music video where you’re holding guns. Unless you’re Marky Mark.

5 Responses to “Prohibited person”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    Well at least he’ll get a lot more street cred, having served hard time.

    Marky Mark I believe uses those hollywood guns that aren’t guns. They’re essentially an electronic toy that mimics a real gun. I read an article last year about the about the company that provides them to the hollywood studios. They put a ton of effort into providing realistic prop guns and non-guns (for the felons).

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Here’s the article, if you’re interested.

  3. majmike Says:

    The article says that some states are returning firearm ownership rights to convicted felons and that this action is supported by gun lobby groups. What groups are those? I’m not in favor of such a move.

  4. Paul Koning Says:

    Maj, given the source you should not assume the claim in that article has any connection with truth.
    Then again, it could be. And it would make sense if you apply some qualifications. It is reasonable to deny convicted robbers the right to bear arms. It is not, however, reasonable to deny convicted tax evaders that right.
    Note also that a number of leftist states have no problem with restoring other rights to felons, like the right to vote or be elected. Consider the Chelsea Manning case, or proposals in California to erase marihuana convictions (possession as well as dealing). I don’t remember those places talking about restoring the right to bear arms for such cases, though…

  5. rickn8orr Says:

    majmike, the same states that are giving CCW permits to felons of course!

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