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And who thinks this is a good idea?

A series of AR-15s, endorsed by a NRA board member, that are named a racist epithet.

Not helping.

19 Responses to “And who thinks this is a good idea?”

  1. boxty Says:

    My Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ancestors threw spears. I’m not offended.

  2. JTC Says:

    Whether or not that’s a “racial epithet” is debatable.

    Whether or not Teddy is a PR-lusting idiot is not.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Uh, guys, the film version of MASH had a whole character named Spearchucker as a commentary on the racist nature of the insult. There isn’t any debate.

    What a stupid thing to do.

  4. Will Says:

    Sure about that? I watched that tv series, and the movie. That is the ONLY place or person that I associate with that name/label, and I have read my way through multiple libraries in the past 5+ decades. I recall nothing derogatory about the character’s nickname. ISTR it was connected to his college sport.

  5. BDW Says:

    Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase can clear it up for you. Not helping.

  6. nk Says:

    I remember Spearchucker Jones, but after I saw “Apocalypse Now” I always associate it with the black sailor in the boat who gets killed with “A spear A [blank]ing spear!”

  7. JTC Says:

    @BDW, their exchange of insulting words is unactionable, until that wild-eyed deadly threat gets uttered…that could be argued as grounds to invoke SYG and preemptive defense.

    I wouldn’t care to be a test case for it, but neither would I wait for that threat to be carried out before acting, no matter how many or what objectionable words are exchanged.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Last I heard, Spearchucker was a position. Like Beater. You have beaters, chuckers, and gunners is how I heard it from some old, old men.

    Guess I ain’t woke enough to realize how wrong I be.

  9. BDW Says:

    @JTC Agreed. I just meant to show that the term has been a black racial slur for a while. I’m old enough to know that as is Ted. To your point, I am frustrated with the current lack of interest in “Free Speech.” words = violence, words=terror, “hate speech”=words reasonably expected to cause violence (which for reasonable people are no words outside of actual threats of violence). The greatest threat to liberty now is from the Left. And while the dominant media culture is not what it was in say the Walter Cronkite era, I am on the fence about poking it just because we can.

  10. Joe A Says:

    The absolute best thing “Uncle” Ted could do for the RKBA movement would be to join forces with Sarah Brady.

  11. TX_Teacher Says:

    This is one of those things that I am not the target demographic for and don’t understand why it exists. Like the yellow star of david that says “gun owner” on it.

    Not helping.

  12. Paperwork Ninja Says:


    Uncle Ted might want to take a powder on this one.

  13. emdfl Says:

    These days everything seems to be a black racial slur or a homo-slur, or a seist slur,etc. And you know what; more and more folks don’t give a damn about those hurt feelings.
    Which frankly is a good thing.

  14. Erik Says:

    Really Joe? Ted Nugent needs to die? Well you need to go chuck yourself into a pit of spears. I donít mean that. I donít wish death on anyone. I hope yours is nothing like the experience I had. I appreciate everyoneís life because of it.

  15. Lyle Says:

    The last thing on Earth I will ever need is for Richard Prior or Chevy Chase to teach me anything about anything.

    I agree with the first comment; my ancient ancestors chucked spears on occasion, and I am not offended. All a firearm does is chuck smaller spears at higher velocities. So fuck all of you.

  16. mikee Says:

    I remember one lazy Sunday afternoon in the 1960s, watching civil rights protests on the TV with my immigrant grandfather, my Carolina-born father, and my Pittsburgh born uncle. When a racial epithet got used on TV, it triggered a 10 minute reminiscence of every ethnic, racial, religious, national, sexual name they’d ever heard in their long lives. They laughed at what they’d been called, and what they used to call the other immigrants and kids of immigrants. And then my grandfather sighed and said, “I miss all those blankety-blank fellows from the steel mill. They were all good men.”

  17. HankR Says:

    Who knew Shakespeare was racist. If I’d been more woke in 9th grade I coulda asked to be excused from reading all of his plays.

    Et tu, Brutus?

  18. HL Says:

    Chain-Migration is a racial term now, against Blacks…

    They control the language, and you just let them.

  19. Joel Says:

    Maybe you need to be of a certain age, I don’t know. I haven’t heard “spearchucker” in decades, but it certainly used to be a racial epithet. And not a nice one.

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