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Security cameras


2 Responses to “Security cameras”

  1. mikee Says:

    I learned decades ago, growing up on a rural gravel road with houses spaced every 4 or 5 acres, that LOL stands for Little Old Ladies, and that they are very useful as preventers of mischief by local kids and intruders alike.
    Nobody could drive a car or ride a bike down the road without being seen by a LOL out in her yard gardening, or looking out her kitchen window. And they knew every kid’s mother and father, and their phone numbers.

    In my young adult years in a Baltimore rowhouse, LOLs did the same thing, only they would walk up the alley and call at the parents’ back gate to stop suspicious activity by the block’s kids, or just scream at unknown intruders from their front porch like the banshees they were.

    I now rebuild houses in East Austin, and have made it a point to befriend the LOLs on the block for all my properties. Good business, and I usually end up laughing at the local gossip they produce as well. There is nothing funnier than hearing both sides of a 40+ year long neighborhood feud, separately, from two feisty old biddies who graciously hated each other since they each moved into the neighborhood.

  2. rickn8orr Says:

    “…graciously hated each other since they each moved into the neighborhood.”

    “Bless her heart, she’s such a tramp.”