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This has my interest

A 10+1 round micro 9 from Sig. It seems it is smaller than the S&W Shield.

6 Responses to “This has my interest”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Oh my.

  2. Lyle Says:

    No doubt it will sell like hotcakes. The fact remains that nearly anyone can conceal a full-sized pistol with a long shirt, sport jacket, long blouse, etc., retaining full magazine capacity and sight radius, with a full grip and the softer recoil that comes from having a heavier slide.

    So unless you generally walk around wearing nothing but a Speedo, you can carry a full-sized gun. Better to put a belt on the Speedo, toss a Hawaiian shirt on, and carry full-sized.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    The fact remains that a large percentage of people work in places with dress codes and/or uniforms that limit their ability to “dress to the gun,” and where incidental exposure can cause real problems.

  4. aerodawg Says:

    Yep. I’d get sent home if I show up with my shirt tail hanging loose.

    And sport coat in august in AL. Excuse me while I make reservations at the hospital for heat stroke……

  5. Sigivald Says:

    How are modern micro-9s for control and shootability, anyway?

    Ages ago I got a semi-compact Astra with an aluminum frame, and it was awful (sold or horsetraded it for something, but it was like 30 years ago so I can’t recall); it was jerky and popped up way too much from recoil.

    I’d hope modern designs handle that better with superior design, but I have no direct experience.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Just don’t conflate a “long shirt” with a “shirttail hanging out”. There can be a large difference between the two. Are you being intentionally dense, or have you never seen a longer dress shirt without “tails”?

    The northern half of the country wears coats for at least half the year. The other half of the year consists of a mixture of warm and cool days.

    The southern half of the country spends much of the year under mechanical air conditioning. You step out of your AC house into your AC automobile, and drive to your AC place of work. After work, you drive in your AC automobile to shop at the AC supermarket or the AC mall.

    If you spend much of your work day outside, AND your boss would lose his shit if he saw the print of a gun, then OK, you’re justified in clinging to your compromises. That is a subset of a subset of the employed.

    And anyway; I knew what you were all going to say before you said it, because I’ve known the narrative for decades. Don’t even bother; it’s already mainstream anyway. That’s why the other, un-spoken narrative needs to be spoken.

    Reject it all you want. It’s totally your choice. Just don’t think that I’m not aware of all the arguments in favor of the compact and sub compact guns, and don’t try to rob others of the understanding of the possibility and simplicity of carrying a full sized gun.

    I used to carry a very compact gun, in a teeny caliber, then worked up in stages to full-sized, so that makes me an Apostate to the Church of the Compact Pistol. Maybe that’s the source of your ire. No one likes an apostate.