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November 20, 2017

I get the sentiment

Ahem. But some of us did.

Life in the future

Tesla unveiled their new roadster, that can reach 60 in under two seconds, with an electric semi.

Sometimes, the future isn’t so stupid.

Rest in peace

Bummer: Malcom Young of AC lightning bolt DC died.


Of course:

NBC News Botches Details of California Shooters Legal Ability to Own, Build Firearms
NBC continues to mislead its audience on gun laws

Those darn loopholes!

Gun Porn

Wood accessories for the S&W M&P line.

November 16, 2017

Speaking of failing to enforce gun laws

Richard Pollock:

A June 2016 Justice Department Inspector Generals report revealed that between 2008 and 2015 the U.S. Attorneys office considered prosecuting less than 32 people per year for lying on form 4473, the federal application to buy guns.

Seems the lack of enforcement is pretty systemic.

Turkey’s gun culture

Gun ownership has soared there. To be honest, this headline surprised me as I was unaware of their gun laws. Turns out, there gun laws are categorized as restrictive. Seems they have a lot of unlicensed and unregistered guns.

Another failure to enforce gun control laws

Police knew madman had guns before killing rampage

News you can use

How to Clear Corners in a Home-Defense Scenario

Well, why not?

A former reality TV star is president. So, why not a porn star and a rapper.

Gun Porn

Americas First Metallic Cartridge: The Burnside Carbine

November 15, 2017

Noted gun expert Joe “handsy” Biden weighs in

He says the guy who shot the shooter in Texas shouldn’t have that kind of rifle. I kinda think it’s a good thing he did.

Another failure of gun control

The shooter in California (highest rated for gun control by the Brady Bunch) had been jailed and had a restraining order against him. mumble mumble enforce laws on books mumble mumble.


A bill to require the military to report domestic violence to NICS.

Take someone shooting

Because we have to get out from under mass shootings:

Invite people to shoot. Bring them to your clubs. Not a member of a local club? Join one. I dont care if they are a bunch of Fuddy Duddy old codgers. You cant change something from he outside, and we have to preserve those places to shoot for future generations. Familiarity is the immunization that will protect the second group from the first. Were not going to win this by sperging on the Internet (says the blogger). Get out there in the community and help build it.

Knife expert


Bullet proof panels in backpacks

That’s one school’s way of dealing with school shootings. It’s a silly way but at least they’re thinking.

That’s funny

Deadpool guest edits Good Housekeeping. Related, the Deadpool 2 trailer is out:

Gun Porn

Review: LifeCard 22 A Folding .22LR Handgun. Doesn’t really seem particularly useful.

November 13, 2017

Aww, how cute

David Scharfenberg: Hand over your weapons

No. Now what?

But that never happens

Mass shootings in gun-free nations

But I read on the internet that revolvers were always reliable

My Revolver Stopped Revolving


If the Law Is This Complicated, Why Shouldnt Ignorance Be an Excuse?

I’m having a bit of an issue with the IRS. It seems that the social security administration reported to the IRS the wrong information regarding wages I’ve paid. So, the IRS took the reasonable step of threatening to seize my bank accounts. When they finally figure it out, they can get away with calling it ignorance.

I don’t get it.

Nolan Finley:

I went through the questions, starting with name, address, etc., and moving toward the serious business: Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Under a restraining owner for domestic abuse? Been treated for mental illness?

After the salesperson hit the send button, I noticed I had misspelled my last name. So I had to start over. And over. And over. And over.

Five times I tried to fill out the form correctly, and each time I noticed a mistake and had to start again from the beginning. Nothing makes me lose my mind quicker than technology. I was fuming. Muttering under my breath. Stomping my foot. Grimacing. And yes, cussing.

They didn’t sell him the gun, which he understands. But, honestly, is the form that hard?

Domestic abusers

South Carolina passed a law to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. They’re not enforcing the law.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a county commission is funding the police to the tune of $600K specifically to get guns from domestic abusers.

Gun Porn

Seems like an awful lot of trouble: Suppressed revolver.

Double Deuce 2-Bore Rifle

November 09, 2017

USA Today beclowns themselves

Seems that they think people are wont to add chainsaws to their AR-15s. Hilarity ensues.


A confirmed NRA member was involved in a mass shooting.

More on the Texas church shooting

The Air Force failed to report him to the FBI, hence he could pass a background check.

He also escaped from a mental health facility.

And, lastly, Devin Kelley, Cleared to Buy Guns Despite Beating His Wife and Son, Couldn’t Get a Carry Permit Because He Beat His Dog.

Only the police should have guns

After a night of drinking, and FBI supervisor discovers a woman stole his gun.