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Rand Paul attacked

This time, physically:

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has five rib fractures and lung contusions as a result of an apparent assault Friday by a neighbor at Paul’s home in Bowling Green, a spokesman for Kentucky’s junior senator said Sunday.

And he was shot, along with other congress-critters, at a while back.

16 Responses to “Rand Paul attacked”

  1. Lyle Says:

    That’s those “Peace”-loving Progressives.

    “Peace” = the absence of resistance to leftist ideologies and policies, particularly the absence of resistance to leftist military aggression.

    In other news, a Senator mows his own lawn, and several broken ribs, including a displaced fracture (which can kill), are “minor injury” when inflicted by a “Peace”-loving leftist.

  2. Paul Koning Says:

    I hope he will remember to go about his day armed in the future.

  3. Ron W Says:

    @Lyle, you’re exactly right. The “peace” of the Left is like that of their new allies:

    Ilich Ramirez Sanchez — aka Carlos the Jackal — communist convert to Islam, in his 2003 book, “Revolutionary Islam” called on “all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists,” to accept the leadership of Islamists:
    “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States,”

  4. JTC Says:

    A rich slightly off-kilter republican/libertarian next door to a rich apparent full-on wackjob leftist who have had a tumultuous relationship for years. But wackjob’s esq says the attack had nothing to do with either’s politics. Right.

    FWIW though, even NBC did say tonight that the injuries are serious and so are the charges.

  5. Ravenwood Says:

    When we first heard about the attack, the first thing my wife says to me is:

    “I can’t believe Rand Paul mows his own lawn!”

  6. majmike Says:

    Why are the LibCong so violent?

  7. Gerry Says:

    Rand Paul is a pretty small and slight guy. Maybe 5’7 and 150. I see him around town fairly often.

    It must be in the water. Our Congressman ( Brett Guthrie) used to cut his elderly neighbor’s lawn as well as his own.

  8. Lyle Says:

    If the injuries are serious, and more importantly, if the attack was politically motivated, it becomes a more serious, federal crime. Thus the media attempts at downplaying both.

    I’m surprised that I have yet to hear of a media attempt to blame Paul. “What did he do to provoke such a good man into attacking him?” Surely that will come. Or are they saving that one for another time?

  9. Tim Says:

    I like how the initial reports were “Senator Paul no serious injuries”….to ensure it flew off the radar as quickly as possible.

    No matter that it’s clearly more political violence instigated by the Left, the source of 99% of all political violence.

  10. Countertop Says:

    Whether it was politically motivated or not is irrelevant, If you stack a member of congress’s and they suffer injuries you are looking at a 10 year prison sentence.

  11. Amazed! Says:

    Holy smokes! I didn’t realize that a slap fight could cause such grievous injuries.

  12. Matt Says:

    I think you need to move a comma in that last sentence, dude.

  13. Bob A Smithey Says:

    I’m shocked Paul wasn’t armed or got off a shot.

  14. JTC Says:


    You ain’tn’t ded yet is you boy?

  15. nk Says:

    I would have thought that you guys would be fans of Lone Star Planet a/k/a A Planet For Texans (free online) where beating up politicians for political reasons is not a crime. ☺

  16. Paul Koning Says:

    Oh yes, one of my favorite books. You’re not stating the premise accurately, though. It isn’t “violence for political reasons is ok”. Rather, it is “violence against violators of the constitution is ok”. Which is not all that different from the very plausible notion that a politician violating the constitution is committing treason.