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I don’t see the problem here

The Denver Post:

Shoppers pulled guns in response to Thornton Walmart shooting, but police say that slowed investigation.

Authorities had to eliminate possible suspects from surveillance video

You mean the police had to do their job?

8 Responses to “I don’t see the problem here”

  1. Huck Says:

    “You mean the police had to do their job?”

    I guess it’s much easier for them if everyone but the crim get’s helplessly shot.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Exactly what Huck said.

  3. DJ Says:

    It slowed the investigation, but not the apprehension.
    Apparently it slowed the comprehension at the Denver Post.

  4. Nomen Nescio Says:

    having to figure out whodunnit is always much more work annoying difficult than just grabbing the first poor schlub without an alibi and pinning it on them.

  5. Chas Says:

    I am so glad that any CCW permit holders in that store understood their limitations and did not go rushing, gun in hand, into the view of any LEO responding.

  6. Shrimp Says:

    But, but….where were the shootouts? Wasn’t there supposed to be concealed carry permit holders shooting each other and everyone else in confusion? Wasn’t there supposed to be even more bodies piled up because more people had guns?

    It’s almost like the anti’s lied to us, or something.

  7. Jay Eimer Says:

    Shrimp, I think you mean “lied ABOUT us”.

  8. Ron W Says:

    I guess LEO would rather step over and sort through dead bodies and call EMS to come pick up injured survivors.