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October 23, 2017

Password policies are stupid

I have passwords for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, WordPress, several applications, banks, and, hell, a ton more. And all of the policies for passwords are stupid. You can’t re-use one; some number of digits, alphabet both upper and lower case, and symbols; some sort of length; changing it some number of times per season; and on and on and on. I agree with these best practice changes for passwords.

I will note that Amazon seems to understand this. I have been using amazon since there was an Amazon. My password has never had to be changed and it isn’t overly burdened by dumb rules that make it look like this: c5(BnKw8TxqLnh8′

That’s from a random password generator I found online.

A fear of simple tools

Read Joe’s encounter with a security guard on a cruise ship for carrying a knife that the cruise-line said he could carry. This imbecile, while in the employ of a cruise-line, decided that he would enforce the knife laws of Where Great Britain Used To Be.

A couple of weeks back, I was at Disney, for what is hopefully the last time I’ll ever go there. In trips past, I always carried a gun there. But I was told this time that was a no go. But I did carry a knife. In fact, I carried the Razor Lite I mentioned before because it’s cheap and if it ran afoul of their policies, I could replace it cheap. Every day we went to a park. And most days to two parks.

For the first four days, I’d go up to the security line for the metal detector, empty my pockets into a tray (knife included) and would go right on in just fine. On the fifth day, at Epcot the nice security lady took an interest in the knife. She then pulled out some sort of card that, apparently, was designed to see if the knife was some number of inches or less. I told her I’d been in and out of parks all week and she was the first person to even take an interest in the knife. She was puzzled by this. This knife is borderline whatever the size limit is. And she let me in with it. Then, the last day there we went to Magic Kingdom. And this time a male security guy took an interest in it. Same thing. Only he told me to leave it in my bag.

They were both very professional and polite. In fact, I found the security there to be nothing but pleasant and courteous. And they seem to be effective and are very efficient. Those guys should run the TSA.

Well, OK

Tactical slingshots.

Welcome to America

New Yorker visits flyover country. Hilarity ensues.

Automatic 82mm mortar

How many tax stamps would that be?

No ammo plant for The City (My The City)

It made the news a few years back that Advanced Munitions was going to drop half a billion on a HQ and plant here. Looks like that’s not gonna happen.

Concealed carrying an MP5(ish) gun

Well, OK:

Taking concealed carry to the next level. #sp5k #hecklerandkoch @sb.tactical #mp5 #

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Gun Porn

Review: Kimber K6s .357 Mag. Revolver

The ultimate AR15

And I’m back

Rested up a little and seem to be OK. Will resume shortly.

October 19, 2017

Seen at Disney

This shirt made me laugh and laugh. Too bad they didn’t have one in my size:

It will be my new meme for libertarian v. libertarian arguments.

Knife Blogging

Lately, I’ve been cutting a lot of things for work. Roll matting, felt, other stuff. This wears on the blades of my nicer knives and made sharpening more frequent. So, I snagged up one of these Razor Lite knives. Do recommend. Each blade is as sharp as a razor. Literally. And the blades are disposable and replaced in seconds. If you cut a lot of things and don’t want to wear out your expensive knives, these things are a good alternative. And cheap.

What once was their ally

The Brady Campaign is suing the ATF. Seems the Brady bunch filed a Freedom of Information Act request and ATF didn’t respond.

Because gun control is a political loser

Chuck Schumer (whose autocorrect suggestion is “scummier”, fitting) is telling the Democrats not to tie gun control to the budget debate:

Schumer, focused on next years midterm elections, thinks it is smarter to focus on economics specifically President Trumps tax plan, which Democrats say is a giveaway to corporations and the rich, and GOP proposals to cut Medicare and Medicaid.

Maybe some good guys can toss some pro gun bills into the mix?

Next sue the car company he used

The Sandy Hook families’ suit is going to the state supreme court.

ATF avoiding blame

The ATF will not reclassify bump stocks.

Light blogging for a bit

Had a minor procedure done today. Not sure exactly the technical term for it but I call it taint surgery. You can figure it out. In a bit of pain. Sitting, walking and kneeling is tough.


Gun Porn

Evolution of the Sturmgewehr

October 18, 2017

The NRA and bumpstocks

Jacob Sullum points out that the NRA is playing a dangerous game on this bumpstock business:

The NRA opposes a legislative ban on bump stocks but wants the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to reconsider the question of whether they are legal. The administrative approach favored by the NRA invites unelected bureaucrats to rewrite a statute for political purposes, undermining the rule of law and the separation of powers.


The NRA has tried to divert that response by urging the ATF to “immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.” On Face the Nation last week, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre noted that “it’s illegal to convert a semiautomatic to a fully automatic,” adding, “We think ATF ought to do its job, look at this, and draw a bright line.”

As a wookie-suiter myself, I agree with his point. However, I think NRA’s motivation is more political. And brilliant. They throw the blame at the Obama administration. Take the popular view on bumpstocks. And get in a jab at ATF. And it panders to the Trump base.

The conspiratorial side of me can’t rule out they took this position because they don’t want to put it to a congressional that vote they’d later have to grade.

Why do they keep doing this?

Another gun control group has changed its name. How many different names did the Brady Campaign have before it became irrelevant.

Plasma Coil Bottle Launcher



Behold the hysterics in this report entitled: GOP candidate for governor: Bump stock ‘prevented more casualties in Las Vegas

I mean, I get the guy’s point and all but that would depend on the level of training a person had. And in a crowd of people who are close to one another, spray and pray would probably work just fine. But the “reporting” on this incident is full of the dumbs:

In the latest on a long list of attempts to grab attention, state Sen. Mike Williams of Cumming has developed a unique defense for the bump stocks used by the Las Vegas shooter to turn his single-shot arsenal into a cache of nine-rounds-a-second Gatling guns.

What an idiot.

Life in the future


Researchers have discovered a serious security flaw with a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug that allows hackers to remotely take control of the vibrating sex toy.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

Four-Barrel Flintlock Pistol

Rare and unusual firearms and ammo.

M1918 BAR: Americas Walking Fire Assault Rifle

October 17, 2017

The ATF is correct

Bump stocks do not convert semiautomatics into machine guns.

The fallout and eventual attempt to legislate these away (which seems to be ATF’s goal, as opposed to NRA who thinks ATF should reevaluate their ruling) will be interesting. If legislated away, what happens to those already in possession? I mean, you cannot add new machine guns to the registry. And you can’t have an ex post facto law banning these things, I would think. I’m not a lawyer. But I recall when ATF changed its mind on the Akins Accelerator. People got to keep the stocks but had to turn in the springs.

They spelled “completely” wrong

The Trace is getting their listicle on: These Six Barely Legal Gun Products Are Still Widely Available

I do have to give props to the Trace for one thing. Prior gun control groups never really bothered to learn gun laws or understand them. They’d just rant hysterically or make really stupid claims. You remember the shoulder thing that goes up and the thirty clip magazine? At least the Trace has made it a point to actually understand the laws. Sure, they’re doing it for dumb reasons. But they are doing it. Maybe they’ll understand one day how dumb a lot of federal gun laws and regulations are.

Only two guns

Some bonehead thinks limiting Americans to two guns would be groovy. The idea is stupid as Hell. But if you could only own two, what would they be? My answer is, obviously, an AR-15 and a black plastic people popper of the Glock or M&P variety.

ER Visits by Gun Type

An interesting, but unsurprising, graph

But no one wants to take your guns

Except when they do.

End the war on drugs

And release the POWs.

14-Year Trend of Rising Opioid Deaths Reversed in Colorado After Marijuana Legalization. Yeah, correlation and all that. But this wouldn’t surprise me.

Shut up and take my money

Scale model Barrett rifle. If only it fired tiny bullets.