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Life in the future

A featureless AR pattern rifle for those who live in California.

The future is stupid.

8 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. Says:

    I remember seeing something similar, long ago, in the original Planet of the Apes. A gorilla was using it to herd human slaves.

  2. Blue Falcon in Boston Says:

    Damnit! Still ‘illegal’ by non-legislative fiat thanks to our deranged lawless AG. =(

  3. Fred Says:

    That stock is scary. Ban it.

  4. JTC Says:

    Nice clean design, I like it. Innovation is the offspring of communist control. Same as it ever was and will always be.

  5. NotClauswitz Says:

    Thordsen Customs is around the corner from me in Diamond Springs. The nice thing about a “featureless” build is you get standard your magazine release back.
    California is stuck on stupid because of the One Party State control of the Stupidslature.
    Many of us up in flyover California want to secede and form Jefferson: 21 northern counties in fact (and a few of Southern Oregon), and we have all the water. As a 51st State it would easily be as viable as Idaho and Montana, and it would be a deep red state. My county hasn’t voted Dem in over 40 years, and that was a one-off blip in an 80-year record.

  6. Paul Koning Says:

    What does “featureless” mean? That it doesn’t do anything? That it has no useful features? That it has no shape? I can’t parse that term at all.

    Meanwhile, the most obvious solution is to vigorously support Calexit, and in particular to have it done by county. With luck we could have the leftmost few counties become the people’s republic of the Left Coast, and have East California with all the sane people remain in the USA.

  7. Phillip Shen Says:


    Featureless means it has no “evil features” that are deemed to make a semi-auto rifle an “assault weapon”. CA is one of the few states that still has an “assault weapon ban”, and for semi-auto rifles, if it contains one or more “evil features”, then legally you’re in hot water. The features are:

    – Pistol grip
    – Thumbhole stock
    – Collapsable Stock
    – Flash hider
    – Grenade Launcher
    – Forward grip

    The Thordsen stock in the shooting illustrated link is not classified as a pistol grip; it’s only a pistol grip if you can hold it in such a way where the webbing between your thumb and index finger is at the same or lower level than the trigger (yes, there is a legal definition to pistol grip). That Thordsen angle makes you hold the AR more like a traditional shotgun or hunting rifle stock, and thus the webbing will be higher than the trigger. 0% less deadly, but 100% more idiotic.

    The language of assault weapons was also used in the AW ban back in 1994-2004, except back then, folks were allowed ONE evil feature (most manufacturers opted for the pistol grip).

  8. NotClauswitz Says:

    I used an Exile Machine “Headbutt” adapter to attach my leftover Mossberg 590 stock, after I put a Magpul stock on the Mossberg. But up here in cattle-country now I mostly shoot Cowboy Action and run a lever gun.