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Because they know it’s nonsense

Suicide prevention group tells anti-gunners to take a hike:

Their organizations legislative stance related to guns is inconsistent with our efforts, said Jessica van der Stad, regional director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As a suicide prevention organization, we are not in the business of saying who can and cannot own firearms. We are in the business of saving lives.


3 Responses to “Because they know it’s nonsense”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Furthermore, “can and cannot own” is a long way from “may and may not legally own”, something of which the coercives have been consistently in denial. That which is illegal can be, and is, practiced by law breakers. If one is contemplating the illegal act of suicide, or any other serious and illegal act, the addiction of a gun law violation is certainly no deterrent. Any cursory look into the number of law violations occurring on a regular basis will prove that point.

  2. Jay Eimer Says:

    Those committed to taking their own life will find a way. The gun only makes their SUCCESS surer (stats bear this out – the gun only makes them less likely to survive the attempt, but several other means are nearly as foolproof).

    The mental health community (those really working on it, not those using it as a front for gun control) KNOW that guns aren’t the issue. Some even fear that stigmatizing mental health (admit a problem and give up your guns) lowers the rate of those seeking treatment.

  3. ExpatNJ Says:

    Lyle –

    Suicide is an illegal act only because it’s enshrined in law that way. That asserts a person’s body – and its destiny – does not belong to them, but belongs to The State. I personally reject any such assertion.

    Ask any sufferer of terminal cancer, MS, ALS, how they feel about suffering all the way to the end. What Rights do they have – or don’t?