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I rather doubt out

80% of Americans don’t own any guns? I guess it’s possible but I consider it unlikely. Unless the sample came almost exclusively from anti-gun cities and states.

7 Responses to “I rather doubt out”

  1. Fred Says:

    Seems understandable, I mean, since that tragic boating accident and all.

  2. Nomen Nescio Says:

    i’m with Fred. if some random stranger asks me whether i own any guns, no, i definitely don’t. not even though i live in a small semi-rural town in northern Michigan, where gun ownership is perfectly ordinary — so long as no random strangers start asking questions about it, anyway. i suspect quite a few of my neighbors wouldn’t own any guns in that case, either.

  3. JK Brown Says:

    I came across this in an article at The Atlantic on a Democrat research group, Third Way, that went on safari into the American interior. Even The Atlantic reporter noted that the report submitted reflected the pre-determined views and neglected much of what they saw with their own eyes. Most like, including the observation below.

    “The membership”—the union rank-and-file—“voted for these Republicans because of them damn guns,” a Laborers Union official said. “You cannot push it out of their head. A lot of ‘em loved it when Walker kicked our ass.”

  4. ben Says:

    Technically I own all the guns in the house. There are five of us, so in this case 80% don’t own any guns.

  5. MattW Says:

    It probably ranges pretty widely from community to community.

    Based on my very anecdotal observations in our semi-rural suburb community of ~7,000 people, I would say it is closer to 40-50%. Just as one example, there are a couple of local guys who are LTC instructors that regularly fill up their 20 student classes that are limited to residents of our community only (keep in mind these have to be NEW students, these are not “refresher” LTC courses).

    In addition to the people who wouldn’t admit to owning guns when asked (I would be the same way probably). I think there are also people who own a pistol for their LTC that don’t really think of themselves as a “Gun Owner” and answer No even though they do actually own one.

    I remember when we got a group of people together at work to go to the range, one of the guys that asked to join was a surprise to me. When I asked if he owned guns, he said “No. Oh well I mean I do own a concealed carry handgun, but I’m not really a gun owner”. That kind of person might also answer “no” but for different reasons.

  6. mikee Says:

    When did we start being concerned with the percentage of the population that exercised a constitutionally enumerated, inherent, inalienable, individual right?

    As I recall, it only takes one person to have their rights infringed to get the courts, all the way up to the Supreme Court, involved in remedying the situation.

    In another thread today, Lyle warned about playing on the Progressive’s chosen field, using their terms and their assumptions. This is a good example of doing that. To hell with it, and to hell with them.

  7. Flighterdoc Says:

    So, 20% of the population (call it 70 million) own more than 300-million firearms (lots more, but lets use a common number) and the average owns 12?

    Well that would work out to 23%……but I call BS on ALL the numbers.