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Two is one. One is none.

So, I mentioned my SpyderCo Delica’s clip fell off after I bumped into a door. Well, the other one did it too:

I ordered a titanium replacement for the other one. I’m happy with it so far but it took over a month for it to be delivered.

9 Responses to “Two is one. One is none.”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Oh boy. I’ve been carrying the same Benchmade, having a very similar clip, for near 20 years, in the brush, doing carpentry, climbing trees, working on the ground under vehicles, used the butt as an ice breaker, used it to clean battery terminals and as a metal scraper and other dumb stuff, and the clip is original. The rest of the knife is in sad shape after all of that, but the clip is good.

  2. MattW Says:

    @Lyle I agree. The clip on my Benchmade is worn, scratched, dented, but has survived all kinds of abuse. And it is right at the same price point as the Delica. Seems Spyderco went cheap on the clip.

  3. Deaf Smith Says:

    Just use locktite. I do!

  4. Paul Koning Says:

    I’m inclined to scratch Spiderco off my list based on this information. It’s hard to respect an outfit that can’t get trivial details like this right.

  5. Paul Koning Says:

    PS. Locktite? It doesn’t look like it “fell off”, it appears to be broken. Locktite won’t help with that. Using real metal as opposed to (in my father’s terminology) “piss bucket steel” is the answer.

  6. Deaf Smith Says:

    Then it was bent way out of shape. Don’t bend them out of shape to have them break off.

    But then my Endura is an old version that has the clip kept by a very large screw that went through the whole grip with some kind of nut on the other side (and yep, I locktited it in.)

  7. Will Says:

    The engineering fail was to put a large hole right near the point of greatest applied force.

    I’m guessing it was to allow tool access to the pivot screw. It broke at the points of least metal. That’s trainee design thinking. Well, lack of thinking. That should have been caught by engineering review early on.

    They should have been supplying replacement clips at no charge, BEFORE they broke. Bad marketing decision.

  8. Standard Mischief Says:

    20 years ago SpyderCo was molding them out of nylon reinforced plastic or something. No screws, just part of the handle.

    I don’t like it that much, but the replacement under warranty has held up pretty good. I almost have the spyder serrations sharpened out from use.

  9. Charles Says:

    I will stick with my Kershaw Chive. Thousands of hiking miles, including a few 2 week trips, and never an issue.