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October 30, 2017

Help a friend

OldNFO is having a gun raffle to help some friends of his with medical expenses.

Because they know it’s nonsense

Suicide prevention group tells anti-gunners to take a hike:

Their organizations legislative stance related to guns is inconsistent with our efforts, said Jessica van der Stad, regional director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As a suicide prevention organization, we are not in the business of saying who can and cannot own firearms. We are in the business of saving lives.


Like you and me, only better

A lawyer who gets NYC gun permits for celebrities has been ordered to turn over his client list. This should be interesting, if made public.

NFL doubles down

I haven’t commented on the taking a knee thing. Because I don’t care. Or watch the NFL. But that seems to have made their popularity drop. So, double down against middle America and start advocating gun control.

Life in the future

A featureless AR pattern rifle for those who live in California.

The future is stupid.

A rarity

Anti-gun researcher does some straight shooting. There are some interesting numbers there.

Headline win

That’s funny, right there.

Gun Porn

Beretta 1301 Tactical Revisited. This has my interest because I’ve been thinking about getting one. Everyone seems to be out of stock.

Korean Made Glock Clone

October 26, 2017

This seems inherent in the left

They just don’t understand numbers.

Poll: Generic democrat has 15 points on generic republican

There’s a few different ways to read this, I suppose. First is that there are specific democrats and republicans running. Next, I wonder if the the failure of the GOP to implement their promises has turned people away. That may be the case.

Nice shot

A record breaking 5,000 yard shot.

Pretty neat

German WW2 weapons cache found in Russia.

Political disappointments are not fraud

That’s what the GOP is arguing in a case brought by a man suing them for fraud because they’re not doing what they promised to do.

Oops ed

People who know nothing about how guns work shouldn’t write op-eds about things they don’t understand.

Now that’s funny

Well-played, NRA:

Gun Porn

vz58 Liberty model

Number 1 For Buffalo Bill

Review: S&W Model 66 Combat Magnum 2.75

October 25, 2017

Bump in the night

What’s going on with bump stocks? Not much, apparently.

Life in the future

So, Playboy has their first transgendered playmate. Who exactly are they trying to appease? I mean I clicked on through to some of the photos*. And I don’t find this person attractive. And I imagine other straight males feel the same. So, why would Playboy, who markets to straight men, do that? Virtue signaling.

I don’t care if someone is transgendered. It affects me in no way whatsoever. This just seems counter-intuitive to me considering their market.

* Note also the photos shown are oddly posed, I guess to hide the junk. Hands are usually hidden and when shown look like man hands. And that’s definitely a man butt.

I guess I was wrong

About Disney’s security. I’m fairly certain that I could have carried there easily. I noticed that when folks went to the line where they checked bags, those folks didn’t go through the metal detectors.

I hope they remember who it is that wants to disarm them

So, some one has started a group that trains gays how to use a firearm. Because of violence from the “far right”. Most of the political violence seen in the news wasn’t exactly coming from the “far right”.

I rather doubt out

80% of Americans don’t own any guns? I guess it’s possible but I consider it unlikely. Unless the sample came almost exclusively from anti-gun cities and states.

Gun Porn

Suppressed H&K Briefcase

20-Gauge Mossberg Shockwave

October 24, 2017

Two is one. One is none.

So, I mentioned my SpyderCo Delica’s clip fell off after I bumped into a door. Well, the other one did it too:

I ordered a titanium replacement for the other one. I’m happy with it so far but it took over a month for it to be delivered.

At least they’re learning the lingo

Mentioned a bit back that The Trace at least seemed to be making an effort to learn the proper lingo for their anti-gun agitprop. Well, here’s an article on that:

The most common mistakes concern how firearms function. Journalists confuse magazines, essentially a spring-loaded box that pushes ammunition up into a guns chamber, with clips, small metal parts that hold rounds together in place without any moving parts. They misunderstand the effectiveness of silencers, which make gunfire less loud, but not at all quiet.

In the aftermath of Las Vegas, some outlets inaccurately characterized automatic firearms as banned under federal law, even though tens of thousands are in private hands. (Fully automatic weapons manufactured before 1986 can be purchased legally, though obtaining one is a difficult and expensive process.)

In our newsroom, we may describe AR-15s as semiautomatic rifles, or sometimes assault-style weapons, but never as assault riflesa term that typically refers to weapons with variable modes of fire, including fully automatic.

Calling them assault-style is still wrong. That’s why your team invented the term “assault weapon”.

News you can use

The Drawbacks of a Subcompact Single-Stack 9mm

If you can carry a full sized gun, you probably should. But some times you can’t.


Was never a yuge fan of Trump but this seems like a big deal:

The government has added an average of 13,000 new restrictions annually for the past 20 years. Under Trump, the number of new regulations is near zero.

Calling Kip Winger

Only 17 states are asking congress to stop national reciprocity.

All the lumens

Les Jones, who is no longer blogging, once said something to the effect of A Mag Light is a gateway drug to a serious flashlight addiction. Well, I think this guy has reached peak addiction.

Machine gun not included

British Ferret Armored Recon Scout Car for sale.

Gun Porn

I don’t know what that is.

Rifle suppressor combo, a one tax gun.

The St Etienne Mle 1907