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ATF on the AutoGlove: Nope

Mentioned the AutoGlove a bit back. It’s a contraption the pulls the trigger really fast. Well, the ATF has come out and said it’s not legal. It’s the same non-logic that lead to certain actuators being dubbed no go in the past.

5 Responses to “ATF on the AutoGlove: Nope”

  1. Hank Says:

    So, jamming my girlfriend’s vibrator into the trigger guard is a no go.


  2. mikee Says:

    Uh, Hank, should we ask how you know that works?
    And by “Bummer” what exactly do you mean?

  3. JimB Says:

    Another answer for a non-existent problem. Wow a full-auto pistol. I can’t see how this would have improved the shootability to any pistol.

  4. nk Says:

    The earlier ones I’ve read about (trigger ticklers, I dunno about vibrators) were made from electric toothbrushes.

    As for this glove, how will they know that you have it to tickle your trigger and not something else unless you tell them?

  5. Geoff Says:

    Let’s just get the Hughes Amendment to FOPA repealed and we can all have our fun toys again, and even build our own.
    I can live with a $200 Tax Stamp and registration for a MG, just not the $15,000 and up to buy one.
    BTW, a M4 or MrA1 runs about $800.
    Modifying your AR15 runs about $100 for the full auto FCG and a few minutes on a mill and drill.

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