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Don’t remove the stock from your gun in California

The Fresno Police Department, in a post on their facebook page, seems to be proud that they arrested some woman for possession of a short barreled rifle. The only problem:

The barrel is 18 inches. But it’s overall length is 26 inches. Oh and it’s a Ruger 10/22 with the stock removed. Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, the suspect isn’t a saint. But that’s just dumb.

6 Responses to “Don’t remove the stock from your gun in California”

  1. Tim Says:

    Weren’t those jack-wagons supposed to secede or something?

  2. Ken in NH Says:

    So according to Fresno PD, if you’re in the middle of repairing your rifle or replacing the furniture you’ve suddenly converted it to a prohibited weapon?

  3. Huck Says:

    Ken, that would apply to the whole damned state. In that cesspool, the cops will use any reason, real or imagined, to bust a gun owner and confiscate (steal) the gun.

    In Kommiefornia, if the cops take a gun from you, you’ll never see it again no matter what the reason or outcome.

  4. Joe Says:

    Overall length is 24 inches.

    Thats whats so bad about this. Technically speaking they have a SBR violation. Thats how insane our gun laws are. If you remove your 10/22 stock or if you have ever changed your stock then you have modified the weapon and you have violated the law. Not to mention that if you simply own the tools to remove your 10/22 stock then they could also make the case for constructive intent.

  5. JimB Says:

    And I thought New Jersey was nuts…

  6. Krakass Says:

    Wow. The really emphasizes how badly we need to repeal the laws against SBRs and SBSs. And here I thought AR pistols with braces made those laws look dumb.